Robert Middlekauff
The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution 1763-1789

“…it is not surprising that politics usually came down to the question Charles Dickens puts in the mouth of Lord Boodle in Bleak House:  ‘What are you going to do with Noodle?’  Bewildered by the shifting alignments of the day and sorely put to find a place for every deserving man, Lord Boodle saw the awful choices facing the Crown in forming a new ministry should the present government be overthrown, choices which ‘would lie between Lord Goodle and Sir Thomas Doodle – supposing it to be impossible for the Duke of Foodle to act with Goodle, which may be assumed to be the case in consequence of the breach arising out of that affair with Hoodle.  Then, giving the Home Department and the Leadership of the House of Commons to Joodle, the Exchequer to Koodle, the Colonies to Loodle, and the Foreign Office to Moodle, what are you to do with Noodle?  You can’t offer him the Presidency of the Council: that is reserved for Poodle.  You can’t put him in the Woods and Forests, that is hardly good enough for Quoodle.  What follows?  That the country is shipwrecked, lost and gone to pieces…because you can’t provide for Noodle!’”