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errr…Bill Clinton’s long lost twin brother…and…Ryan Seacrest! (that’s what “Bill” kept calling Michael.  C’mon… was a room full of scientists.  If anyone looked like Ryan Seacrest, it was Mike.  We think it was because of the hair.)

This guy was the comedy act for last night’s dinner, and he was good at his job.  Really, it was uncanny.  And we laughed a lot!  Although, I’m pretty sure that hair is not real.

The food was, of course, delicious.  Mike got the filet and I got Chicken Christopher.  Which included 3 gigantic chicken breasts.  I would like to know who can eat that after having crab and steak appetizers, salad and bread, plus a tree of broccoli and baked potato on the side.  Plus dessert later.  I barely made it through one.  But it was delicious!

DSC05031.ARW DSC05032


It was a fabulous time.  And I so enjoyed getting to see Michael the Scientist in his element (hahaha get it? ;)) and meet all of his lovely coworkers.

Today is our last day here.  I am very sad – the time went so quickly!  But it has been a wonderful trip and I’m so grateful we had this time away.

Off to go get a cup of coffee and do some reading!


Yesterday we had a grand old time waltzing around the city.  I was planning to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but it was raining in the morning so I postponed that trip until tomorrow.

While Mike was in meetings I went out and about.  I had breakfast at Bruegger’s Bagel shop where I enjoyed a peaceful, lengthy quiet time.  Did some shopping.  Saw a statue.  (It would sound better to say that I saw multiple statues, but alas, it was just one.)  Met up with Mike for lunch.  And went back to the room and watched Masterpiece Theatre’s Emma.  It was delightful.

Here is the hotel we’re staying at.DSC04954 DSC04955


The buildings are beautiful.DSC04937 DSC04944 DSC04995

And for lunch, Mike wanted Sushi, so we went to the Singapore Bistro.  Though, really, where we should have gone is the place right next to it: The Science Club.  Mike did not appreciate my joke.

DSC04969 DSC04970

It was very fun and colorful inside.

DSC04977 DSC04991

Mike got sushi.  I did not.  But I’m sure that’s no surprise to anyone.

DSC04980 DSC04984 DSC05004.ARW

And, yes, I was a history major, and I had to look up who this guy was.  Nevermind that earlier in the day I had also struck out on my definition of Oliver Cromwell when Mike asked me what was so important about the guy.  I mean, really, it’s not like he had asked me about this guy, Farragut, who it turns out was the senior officer of the U.S. Navy during the Civil War.  It’s Oliver Cromwell.  It was highly embarrassing.

DSC05007 DSC05011 DSC05013 DSC05015

Today I head out to Gburg!  I am having coffee with Ally and then several ladies are going over the Bowers for lunch.  I cannot wait!

And tonight we are going to a business dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.  Where once again I will be smiling and nodding as everyone around me talks in terms of protein gels and biopharm developments.  But I am really looking forward to it.  I love seeing Mike in his element.  And to console myself that they may as well be speaking in a foreign language for all I understand, maybe I’ll just spout my mouth off about Oliver Cromwell and make them feel sorry they didn’t major in history 😉

Mike is on a business trip in DC, and so we came down a little early yesterday to tour Georgetown.  It is one of my favorite places ever.  I’ll never forget, when we were living in Gaithersbug, Mom surprised me with a girls day out to Georgetown, and it’s one of my most dear memories.  It’s no secret I had a bit of an attitude issue as we adjusted to the move (Ally and Kelley, remember those mopey days of mine? 😉 and I was heading out to some event that I was not so enthusiastic about.  (Praise the Lord, He eventually changed my heart, but that was my status at the time.)  As I approached the end of the neighborhood, what do I see out my car window but Andrew and Rosie standing with cardboard signs that read “Go home!  Mom’s taking you to Georgetown today!”  We had one of the best days ever.  We did some shopping at the Gap and other various stores, ooohed and aahhed at all the delicacies in Dean & DeLuca, and had a delightful lunch on the outdoor terrace of a darling bistro.  Thinking about it still moves me to tears (although I’m willing to admit that it may just be because I’m pregnant.)  It’s because I was pretty selfish that entire year and acted as though I was the only one having a difficult time adjusting.  And I was not quick to change, either.  But Mom loved me all the same.  And not just in words, but in selfless actions, even though it certainly wasn’t what I deserved at the time!  I mean, really, when your teenage daughter mopes her way out of the house in the morning, I’m sure the last thing you feel like doing is “rewarding” her with a surprise trip to Georgetown. 😉

So many times that year, she loved me like Christ loves his children.  I’m not even kidding, I’m crying right now as I type this! 

1 Corinthians 13:1-2 “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.  And if I…understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”

Mom had (and still has) all these qualities AND love.  And that’s what I think of when I think of Georgetown.

So, needless to say, I was excited to go back.  And even more so because I was going with the love of my life!  Let me just tell you, Michael is an excellent travel buddy.  

DSC04908 DSC04911

Of course, we had to stop in Dean & DeLuca.  It was just as amazing as I remembered it.  And just as expensive.  Mike had a good time walking around exclaiming such incredulities as “Gummy coke candies for $10/lb!?”  “A strawberry cake for $60?!” 

DSC04913 DSC04915

After doing some more shopping, we stumbled across this authentic Italian restaurant called Luigi’s.  And let me tell you, this was so authentic my own Aunt Rachel would have eaten here.  This was no Olive Garden shenanigans.  It was fantastic.   

DSC04918 DSC04925 DSC04920 DSC04921

Mike got Chicken Parmigiana, and I got Luigi’s lasagna.  Then we shared a basket of Italian bread as well as Fried Mozzarella.  I don’t think I have to spell it out here – we were the size of stuffed turkeys by the time we walked out of there.

For dinner conversation, we happened to be seated next to some lovely people who were also in town for the conference.  As it turned out, they were with a company that Mike has been working extensively with in recent months, so they had quite a bit to talk about.  They talked all science–like and I just sat there mesmerized and quite in awe.  They even shared their pizza with us.  Which, really was not necessary in light of the dinner we had just eaten. 

It was a lovely day.  Tomorrow I’ll post some pics from my day traipsing around DC.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable.  Also tomorrow – Gburg!  To see some lovely ladies who are very dear to my heart 🙂

So, Mike is going on a business trip to Washington D.C. and he’s taking me with him!
I am very much looking forward to this trip.
However, I need some suggestions on what to do while he’s in meetings.
Any ideas??
Let me know if you have any good, FREE suggestions! 🙂 It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything. And I like to walk.
Also, any good restaurant recommendations for where we can dine would be lovely. And I know….those won’t be free 😉
Help me out!

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