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I don’t have any kids (yet).
But if I did (and when I do)
I would make these with them:

I love it. Check it out: Valentines at Inchmark

Maybe I’ll just make one for myself. Oh, or for Mike 😉


I love this shirt.

What does that have to do with Valentine’s Day, you ask? I will tell you. Real Simple sent me this recommendation as a festive top for Lover’s Day. It can be found at Charlotte Russe. I love when national holidays revolve around fashion advice.

I really like it. Although, not so sure how it would look with a baby bump??

Also, on the topic of Valentine’s Day….I need some ideas. I am not very creative when it come to V-Day. And last year, I believe I even started a fight directly following the fabulous (and expensive!) dinner that Mike so lovingly treated me to at Avalon. I need to improve my Valentine skills. Any ideas???? Besides those chalky hearts candies??

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