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On our To-Do List for this week –
check out this book from the library.

While I still plan to read Total Nutrition, it is a little different than I expected.
(and the whole of the book is not as good as the little bit that I read in B&N).
I am looking to glean from a few different sources, and this one was recommended by Word of Wisdom Living.
Have any of you read this?  Thoughts?  Recommendations? 

Also, I still like cake.  And ice cream.  And cheesesteaks.
(Just for the sake of honesty.)


I’m so excited because I just ordered these two books:

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

food revolution

Total Nutrition

total nutrition


Mike and I went on a trip to Philly over the weekend (it was DIVINE), and one of the places we kept finding ourselves at was Barnes & Noble.  We realized how much we enjoy just drinking coffee and reading…uninterrupted by a darling, cute, very active baby. 😉
These were two of the books I picked up, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I read.  I love Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – I think it’s a great project and exactly what our country needs.  Since my early teens, my mom has taught me a lot about whole foods and their many God-given benefits.  She’s battled an unknown auto-immune disease for years and has learned the importance of good diet and exercise – she’s the reason I even got interested in this stuff 🙂

I’ve had my own ups and downs with food over the years, both with overeating and undereating, and God has taught me so much about what it means to worship HIM and not food.  It’s been a battle for sure, but I am glad to say that the Lord has been my help and delivered me from so much.  All the glory goes to Him.  Not me, not my willpower, not a specific “plan.”  No.  HIM.

That being said, I do think nutrition is important and plays a key role in treating our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), ready and able (as far as it depends on us) to be used by God for His glory.  This is something I’m still learning and trying to apply: that I was bought with a price and am called to honor God with my body (and what I put in it.)

I think the most fascinating thing to me is how much nutrition makes sense.  When I see all the benefits that whole, unprocessed foods have for the body in overall well-being and also in preventing disease, I’m amazed at the wisdom of God!!  He truly has provided for all our needs in the vitamins and nutrients found in the food He gave us!  I also think our culture’s desire to do as much as possible in the least amount of time (one of the results being highly processed foods) has a cost, and it’s a hefty one.  I don’t believe it was meant to be like this.

I don’t have a nutrition degree. (I’ve taken a grand total of ONE nutrition course 😉 ) 
I am not an expert by any means.
I still eat way more sugar and junk food than I should 😉
AND, I do think there is a place for yummy, “unhealthy” food, in moderation!
But I feel a call to feed myself and my family well.  
It is my hope and prayer that I can learn how to eat/cook in a healthy/humble/grateful way.

In addition to these books, the website Words of Wisdom Living has been such a great resource to me!!  If you don’t have time to read an entire book, I highly recommend the blog since it’s much easier to read posts which are much more condensed but just as informative.  I also like Jamie’s challenge – just learn one recipe from each chapter of his book, and then pass it on to someone else!  The more we learn how to cook better, the more we’ll eat better, feel better, and hopefully be able to fulfill our callings better!  It is my prayer that God will give me (and all of us) grace to honor Him in not just what I eat, but in all that I do!

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