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even on days like today.
when she was trying her hardest to be our arch-nemesis.
i’m trying to remember that she won’t be rock-able forever,
and that i should enjoy it while i can.



Sharing Saturday morning Cheerios.
(J would drop them down to Colbs)


Julia: Hey, Gap is having another card members event.
Colby: GET OUT!? 


And today on Colby&Julia we will be discussing the potential health risks of consuming too much paper.  Ahem.



It’s a race…the baby with the best pincer grasp wins the Puff!



This kid is a heartbreaker. 
Watch out, ladies.
He was only with us for 2 days, and I’m pretty sure Julia is in love.


DSC06203 DSC06210DSC06179 DSC06205



How is it even possible?
Last night I slipped into her room and just watched her sleep.
I could not believe how much she has changed in only 365 days.
She was a tiny little bean in her crib a year ago.
(and there was very little sleep going on)
Now she’s a one-year-old,
which means she can fall asleep in any position possible,
and look quite funny while doing so.
It’s almost like she has narcolepsy and just falls over and passes out
(if I had to judge from her chosen slumber poses ha.)

She talks.
She walks (sorta).
She laughs (and makes us laugh).
She gives hugs and kisses.
She has many “tricks.”
She says “hi” a million times a day to anyone within earshot.
She is in every way her own little person.
And we could not be more in awe at how much we love her.
Who knew I could be the mothering type? 🙂

Happy birthday, dearest girl.
God knew how much we needed you.
Here’s to many more birthdays with you.


Please come home soon?
(Or at least phone home.)
I miss you.

With love,

For now anyways…

DSC00197DSC00201 DSC00207 DSC00303 DSC00306

We told Michelle and Alex they need to have a kid soon so that Julia doesn’t grow up thinking the world really does revolve around her. 

Where do I even begin?
There are hardly words.

DSC09695 DSC09700

We had no idea what our lives were missing until this girl came along.
I love her personality.  So spunky and joyful.
I love her eyes.  They are her daddy’s, and they are magnificent.
I love how much she smiles, which is almost constantly.
I love how when I’m frustrated with her, I pick her up and she smiles and reaches out to touch my face, almost as if she’s saying, “Silly mommy…don’t be angry with me…see? I’m adorable.”
I love her laugh.
I love how she will spend hours (literally) entertaining herself by blowing raspberries.
I love how she teaches me about God in everything that she does.  Everything.
I love watching her learn new things, each and every day.
I love how much I love her, because I know it’s a love that God put there.  I never dreamed I could love such a little person so much.  I’m so glad God didn’t wait for me to decide that I was ready.  I don’t know if I ever would have decided I was.  And oh how much joy I’d be missing.

We love you girlie.  Can’t believe you’re already half a year old. 
Don’t grow up too fast. 
Happy half birthday. 

Thanksgiving was a busy day for our little monster.
She met her Great Grandparents McNeill from Mike’s side, as well as cousins and aunts and uncles from my side. (Pics from that to come.)  She was a trooper as we were driving for a good chunk of the day.  She slept for all the car rides!!  Such an angel, and for THAT we were especially grateful. 😉

Here she is with Mike’s grandparents.  Keep in mind, Julia is a constantly moving target.  She will probably be blurry for the rest of her life haha.  (I am trying not to think about what this means for me in the very near future…)

DSC08130 DSC08136

DSC08141 DSC08143DSC08159 DSC08163



We can’t wait to spend more time with you at Christmas!!!!!

Which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

DSC07413 DSC07417 DSC07424

She got his super duper long eyelashes too, which I’m only *slightly* jealous of.  Why does it seem that more often than not the BOYS get the beautiful long lashes?  It’s just not fair.  She’s a lucky one.

Also, the verdict is still out on what color hair this child has/will have.  it is very very light.  Parts of it look blonde-ish.  Will I get my impossible wish???

Moooooommmm!  a BUMBO?? Really??  Who invented this?DSC07301

Julia was stoic and silent the entire time.
Chloe kept movin and shakin.  And squeakin! 🙂
In her defense, J had just eaten and C was hungry. 
It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to babies.

DSC07279 DSC07280  DSC07285

They will be the very best of friends.
And if they aren’t, we will make them be.

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