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My mother-in-law showed me this blog, and it was so funny I thought it was worth passing along!

Catalog Living
“A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.”

(one of) my personal favorite(s)?  A peaceful ending…
I too share a life goal of balancing a wicker ball on the radio….

Thanks for sharing, Cyndi!!




…is an expensive store.  At least, I think it’s rather overpriced.  I’m convinced it’s because they need the $$ to pay for their incredibly nice shopping bags, which have FABRIC handles.  That’s my theory anyways.

Please note I did not say I do not like this store.  I love it actually.  I simply said it’s overpriced.  So that is why you will usually find me making a beeline for the sale section.  Sometimes you can find real gems!

Such as this latest addition to our kitchen:



I can handle that.  Especially since it’s thick and durable.  Plus, it’s made of chenille-like materials so you feel like you’re standing on a pillow!  A pillow for your feet.  If there’s anything I like, it’s comfort for my feet.  Mike says this is weird.  Anyways, I bought it because the colors complement my kitchen and it is also an incentive to do dishes.  It’s so plush it makes me EXCITED to do dishes because I get to stand on it.  So I figured I needed it.

Also making its debut in my home this week: wall hangings.  I have been incredibly slow to decorate my walls since we moved in last August.  And I could feel them screaming at me every morning I came downstairs.  “COVER ME!  I NEED LOVE!  PLEASE DECORATE ME!”

So finally, yesterday, I’d had enough.  I couldn’t handle the screaming any longer.  I made the 3 minute trek out to Home Goods (aren’t you all jealous I live so close to one of those? 🙂 ) and spent considerable time picking out some key pieces for our living room. 
That sounds much simpler than it was. 
Have you ever seen Home Goods?  TONS of options.  And I mean TONS.  It’s enough to make a truly hysterical mess out of me because I JUST CAN’T DECIDE!!!
It was tempting to get overwhelmed and try to take on the entire house all at once, but I kept telling myself: LIVING ROOM, LIVING ROOM, LIVING ROOM.  No……not dining room yet…LIVING ROOM! 

But the focusing finally paid off.  I emerged from Home Goods with two paintings, as well as my dignity intact.  And if you hate them, that’s ok.  I am learning to take risks. 

DSC05243 DSC05247 DSC05242

They are very different styles and mediums, but I liked how their colors tied into the ones I already have going in the room – the creams, browns and reds.  And the little bit of blue will tie into my plans for the dining room.  Though they will have entirely different color schemes, I like the idea of tying completely separate rooms together through subtle colors here and there.  So, we’ll see how that goes.  My plans for the dining room are to paint it a cool light blue/gray color.  My dinnerware is an eggplant blue (yes, I know eggplants are purple…but that is the name…) and the knobs on my hutch are blue.  Combined with the espresso table and the white accents, I think I will like it very much. 

And finally (if anyone is even still reading this), I am experimenting with candles and glass bottles for a decorating project.  I can’t remember where I saw this idea, so unfortunately I cannot give credit where credit is due.  I think it was in a magazine or on TLC or Style…I can’t remember!  My apologies!  But I promise this was not my own idea – is that honest enough? 🙂

Start with tea lights…


And then fill some elegant glass bottles with water, and place them in front of the candles.  The light reflects off the water and creates a fantastic mood.  Trader Joe’s has some excellent sparkling beverages that I’ve been saving the bottles from, and they work wonderfully.

DSC05221 DSC05222

I think this would be fun for a dinner party, or for lining our deck for some summer-eve mood lighting.  You could even line the top of a bookshelf or hutch, and perhaps a broad windowsill.  Something to jazz it up even more?  Put dye in the water to create color lighting. 

I want a lot of bottles to complete this effect.  Which means Mike and I will be drinking lots of Sparkling Lemonades and Pomegranate Juice from Trader Joe’s.  Feel free to donate to my cause if you so desire 😉

Pop quiz – what movie is that from?

Anyways, that’s what I thought when I saw this sitting on a shelf in Home Goods. 

i. love. lamp.


I’ve been searching for a table lamp for our living room, pretty much since we moved in.  And when I saw this, I knew it was THE ONE.

I also love Home Goods.  It’s a great place to get expensive things for not so expensive prices.  It’s like walking into a bakery and finding out your favorite cake is only half the calories you thought it was. 

Is that a weird comparison?  Sorry if it is.  But that’s the best way I can describe it. 

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