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While on vacation last week, Mike took me on a FABULOUS date to Rehoboth.

First, we dined at Salt Air.  (Thanks for the recommendation, Jerry and Melissa!) I can’t even tell you how good the food was.  The crab was out of this world.  It was so good, I almost felt guilty eating it because I knew it was something my dad would die for haha.  But, I quickly got over the guilt factor and enjoyed it to the max 😉


The water was served in mason jars.  How cool is that? 
Instead of bread, they served toasted cheddar crackers with a goat cheese spread. (Which, by the way, Michael LIKED…and only after he ate it did I tell him it was goat cheese.  Victory!)
And for our appetizer, a chilled crab dip with tomatoes and old bay, served alongside baguette and more cheddar toasts.
DSC06549 DSC06557 DSC06559
And I completely forgot to take pics of the entrees.  I only got to them half way through, and I was going to post them anyways, but then I realized
half-eaten food is not nearly as appealing as pre-eaten food ;)  But, the important thing is that I had grilled salmon and Mike had striped bass. 

For dessert, we went to Annie’s Bananies.  Mike got the Tropical (pineapple, mango and coconut), and I got Peanut Butter.  Healthy AND delicious! 
  DSC06563 DSC06565

And to seal the deal, we went to see a movie.  Toy Story 3 to be exact.  Yep, we are married and have a kid, and we chose to go see Toy Story 3 on our date.  I make no excuses or apologies. 🙂

It was a fantastic date.  Thanks for loving me so well, darling 🙂


The title does not describe me – yes, feel free to have pity on my poor hubby.  But then, Mike took my dad out to dinner recently and realized he was a more expensive date than me!  Ha!  (We love you, Dad – and of course you deserve the very finest :))

Anyways, I’m learning how to be creative with the date budget.  Mike always has fun and exciting dinners/getaways planned for me, and I’m trying to do the same for him.  One thing I’m learning: it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

For example: last week I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Einstein Bagels.  It was a coupon for a free bagel and schmear!  FREE!  So, I printed out two and planned a surprise breakfast date for me and my man.  How do you make (boring) bagels a surprise?  I wrote up a riddle, emailed it to him at work, and waited for him to figure it out.  He had way more fun with it than I expected!  Proof that the little things matter.

Now here comes the embarrassing part.  I have debated whether or not to post this.  And Mike asked me whether I would or not.  I’m not sure this is the wisest move, but oh well!  Here is the riddle.  And yes, I googled “words that rhyme with…” in order to have it make sense.  Feel free to mock me in your heart.  (Though I know some of you won’t keep your mockery to your heart ha.)

Riddle me this:
On the 4th of May get in your car and go to work,
but leave enough time to catch a perk.
When the hands of the clock are half past perfection,
Meet me at the schmear intersection
Of 15 + 18 – 12 + 9
and a Five Sandwich with 2s on either side.
Everything’s your favorite, Asiago’s mine,
Albert’s I don’t know, but I’d wager he’d still dine.
They say it’s for brothers,
I say it’s for lovers.
Please won’t you meet me,
So we can be together, just us three?

DSC05685 DSC05686

Fortunately, there is an Einstein’s on the way to Mike’s work, so it worked perfectly.  And just like that, something ordinary became fun and memorable. 

Some other fun things we’ve done/want to do:

Surprise Rita’s trips after dinner.

– Starbucks dates (Frappy Hour through May 16th!)

– Barnes & Noble Scavenger Hunt – make a list of books to find.  We found 10-15 to be a good range, but feel free to do more or less.  For example, “Find your favorite book.”  “Find a book that had a significant impact on you.”  “Find a book that you want to read to your children.”  “Find a book you WANT to read.”  “Find a book from each genre that interests you: History, Fiction, etc.”  Then, each take your list and split up.  Give yourself 30 mins to an hour, and then reconvene with your books.  Share your finds.  I did this for Mike’s birthday and then let him pick one out that I would buy for him.  It was a really good conversation starter, too!  You may learn things you never knew about your best friend simply by what books he picks 🙂

– Phillies Dates In.  We like to go to games, but it can add up!  One thing we tried recently was making nachos and Butterfinger blizzards and watching the game on TV.  We had Joe and Heidi over to join us and it was a blast!  For way cheaper than two baseball tickets. 


What are some of your favorite cheap dates?  And if you’re aware of any free coupons out there, send ‘em my way!!  I need more practice with writing riddles. 🙂


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