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Another fantastic trip to the Market today.
Rhubarb with which to make Rhubarb Upside Down Cake.
Strawberries to eat right out of the basket.
And some Caramel Creme Coffee to feed my addiction.


I think I’ll pack up these babies, along with some watermelon,
and we’ll hit the pool. 
I am so glad summer is (unofficially) here.


I love early mornings.
(if I can get up for them.)


+ The Word
+ Classical music
+ a warm blanket
+ light beginning to stream in the windows
+ birds chirping (really rather loudly) outside.
= quite a lovely time of day.

I’ve been using this Easter Week Devotional my church put out.
It has been so good. 
Today was my first day trying it, and it really spoke to me.
I was praying that the Lord would use this week before Easter in particular to remind me once again of the Gospel.
And wouldn’t you know right after praying that I found out about this? :) 
I love how God answers specific prayers. 
I don’t know if I’ll get through all of it before Easter, but the little I have read has truly fed my soul.  I highly recommend it.

The only trees I’ll be seeing today are the ones in my coffee…


Yes, it’s a rainy, dreary Monday.
Trying to kick these colds that just won’t go away…it’s like they knew Spring was coming and just had to give one last hurrah.
Can’t wait until we can be outside on a regular basis 🙂

I go through phases.
Sometimes I’m on a tea kick, other times a coffee kick.
Right now?  Coffee.
And, while I like Starbucks as a place, I personally cannot stand their coffee coffee.  Their coffee drinks?  Yes.  But not their coffee coffee. 
Fortunately, my distaste for it saves me beaucoup bucks.
Here is what I’ve been drinking lately.

DSC00219 DSC00229
Pretty much anything from The Fresh Market.  Caramel Macchiato.  Creme Brulee.  The beans are housed in these big barrels, and they smell incredible.  Its worth it just to stop in and taste test even if you’re not going to buy!  Their seasonal blends are also fabulous. 
(Also, even though this is a coffee post, you should know that you can find Paris Tea for $6.99 at Fresh Market!  It’s the cheapest I’ve been able to find it.  And I will never understand how Williams-Sonoma can sell it for $12 right next door…)

Some of the blends I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s:
Organic FT Breakfast Blend
Organic FT Wake Up Blend

Any other brews I should try?

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