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I am always changing things.
Usually it’s because I love making lists, not doing what I write on them.
And so, when things don’t get done, I assume the problem is my list.
Not my motivation 😉

But whatever the problem is,
I am convinced I will go on making lists until the day I die.
This is my latest attempt at a cleaning schedule.
A while ago I chose the tactic of “a little bit every day.”
I’m done with that.
(for now)
I have decided that I like knocking it all out at once.
So, I’ve gone back to a “cleaning day” mentality.
To ease the pain, I’ve decided to do certain chores only twice a month.
Can anyone say bathrooms?
I have 3 in this house, which is way too many for its size.
So I refuse to clean them every 7 days.

Here is the link:

<iframe width="402" height="346" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="!124&kip=1&wdAllowInteractivity=False&AllowTyping=True&wdDownloadButton=True"></iframe>

I wish I was tech savvy enough to figure out why it won’t link under the simple text “cleaning schedule.”
Anyways, I recommend downloading it in Excel,
as Windows Live “does not support shapes”
What good is a cleaning schedule without shapes?
My shapes happen to be check boxes,
because we all know that putting an X in a box
makes one feel much more accomplished.
(to download in Excel: you will see a dark gray bar at the bottom of the page.
click the far right icon that looks like two little squares.
It will take you to a different screen and at the top left there will be an option for opening in Excel.)

I plan to simply print out a new sheet each month.
And if you’re betting I will have a new list come this time next year,
you are probably right.


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