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We continued our PJ Christmas Day at my parents’ house in the afternoon.
Which included the Creme Crumb Cake that Andrew hid from us before we got there.  Only guilt led him to retrieve it from the pantry.  After we had been there for an hour.
But  I’m not bitter.

DSC09035 DSC09040

Don’t worry – that’s not a real dog.  (Much to Rosie’s chagrin, I am sure.)


DSC09046 DSC09049 DSC09052

Andrew got Jujy a Penn State dress, which she saw as perfectly fit to eat.


DSC09058 DSC09059

We got Dad a framed photo of Julia.
Mom found these cute little socks that look like Converse!


Our sleepy little Eagles fan

DSC09079 DSC09096 DSC09102

Some quality time with Ba.

DSC09120 DSC09126 DSC09130DSC09138 DSC09145 DSC09147 DSC09151 I got to end the day with snuggles from my little love.  One of the best things ever.


It’s been a fabulous Christmas.
We celebrated with our little family at home, then went over Mike’s family’s to open gifts, then over to my parents’ for the afternoon, and then back to the Smiths’ for dinner.
My toy this Christmas was a new lens for my camera!!  So there are tons of pictures.  This is part one.

DSC08843Christmas Eve!

DSC08861 DSC08945

A little bear butt.

DSC08864 DSC08869 DSC08876 DSC08880 DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08901 DSC08907

Both Alex and Mike got drills for Christmas.  (These doubled as presents for Michelle and I 😉 )


Ok.  This next part needs some explaining.  Basically, there is this morbid book that *somebody* (who shall remain nameless) wanted for Christmas.  Here is everyone with their favorite pages.

DSC08922DSC08900 DSC08906  DSC08915  DSC08923


DSC08930 DSC08931

Ok.  That’s done.  Back to the merriment. 

 DSC08917 DSC08932 DSC08942 DSC08944 DSC08953 DSC08973 DSC08960DSC08975  DSC08990 DSC09014DSC09006  DSC09021


The rules are as follows:

– For as many candies as one eats, the equivalent in Clementines must be eaten as well.

– No one may snatch out all the Mr. Goodbars to the exclusion of the other candies.  This is not fair to either the Kisses or the Butterfinger Bells.  Krackel doesn’t appreciate the neglect either. 

– These must not be gone by Friday.  This is non-negotiable.

– You may NOT throw a wrapper back in the jar after consuming it’s contents.  Coughmichaelcough.

– You may NOT feed the baby chocolate.

– You may NOT stash some under your pillow to ‘save for later.’  This is not the Hershey Hotel.

– The person to eat the last piece of candy must refill it. 

– And finally, drink lots of water (it will help disperse the sugar in your bloodstream after you’ve broken all these rules.)

Tomorrow is December 1st! 
Cue Advent Calendar.
Believe it or not, I’ve had it done and hanging for over a week!
I call that proactive productivity.  (I am slowly getting away from my college lifestyle.  Maybe.  My husband may disagree with that assessment haha.)

DSC07980 DSC07994 DSC07999 DSC08269  DSC08277DSC08278 

I am very excited to count down to Christmas in style this year 🙂

Some of you have asked where I got the idea and what is inside each one.  I got the inspiration here.  I didn’t feel like doing a matchbox calendar, so I did my own variation on the envelopes and compiled a list of things to do each day until Christmas – either a date, a Bible verse, or a fun activity.  Should be a blast!

So, I was not planning on sending Christmas cards this year.

My life has been just a little too crazy.

And by crazy, I mean that it’s probably the easiest it will ever be from here on out.  But I think crazy should come in levels.  So I’m just worrying about the crazy that I’ve been given for now. 🙂

BUT, then I found out about Shutterfly’s AMAZING offer!  Write a blog post promoting them, get free Christmas cards.


To the mom in the crazy Santa hat.

So here we go.  I am very excited about this.

Here are my current favorites (though subject to change):





Three:  card2 



Five: (I think this is my most favorite)


I decided not to go with the square cards, even though I sorta like them better.  They require more postage.  For some, strange reason.

I think my biggest problem will be picking which pictures of Julia to use.  Like Meg said, nobody’s really interested in us anymore, so maybe we won’t even make an appearance.  We’ll see.  Depends on if I can find a good family one. 


Which one is your favorite??  Are you sending Christmas cards this year?  Even if you don’t plan on sending a card, check out their photo calendars.  Super fun.

It is our tradition to get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. 
The past few years we have been going to Wiggins Tree Farm to cut our own.  This year we ran into both the Cohees and the Healeys!
Julia LOVED the trip.  Was smiley and alert the entire time.DSC08375

DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08332 DSC08386 DSC08384 DSC08336 DSC08337 DSC08340 DSC08341 DSC08343 DSC08345 DSC08350 DSC08358 DSC08359 DSC08361 DSC08370 DSC08371 DSC08377 DSC08381

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