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Remember this chair?
It has a new look.


I would have posted a “tutorial” of sorts,
but trust me – it would have been helpful to NOBODY 🙂
My method was “let’s see if this works…” hahaha.
I just took the chair apart as much as I could,
pulled, stapled, and stretched the fabric as best I knew how.
And then I sewed slipcovers for the cushions.
It’s not a professional reupholstery job by any stretch of the imagination,
but I’m very happy with it.
I now have a chair that matches the rest of the decor in my loft. 🙂


We are almost open for business.
I expect that within a month (or less??) our 3rd floor will be fully
de-cluttered, furnished and ready for housing out-of-towners. :) 
The futon and pillows are in transit as we speak and should be delivered by the middle of next week.
I found a most beautiful chair at Target.  Oh how I adore that wonderful place.
And last night I basically stole a comforter from Urban.  Get this – it was originally priced at $130.  It was marked down to $69.99.  And all of their home sale items were then 50% off of the reduced price.  So I walked out of there with this beautiful green and orange quilt (as they call it) for a measly $34.99.  (Just a note about the “quilt” – I have been spoiled by Reenie’s quilts and therefore cannot truly consider this a quilt…hence why I will refer to it as a comforter.)  But if you get the time you should def check out Urban’s clearance on home items – they had rugs and pillows for $10!!
Julia is having lots of fun helping Mommy decorate…


I still have to organize all my craft stuff (yikes!), figure out what on earth to do with this chair, and find a good lamp or two…and then I think we will be done!  Oh, and I’d be lying if I said the room didn’t need a new coat of paint but, well, I’m trying to work up the courage to paint the rest of my downstairs and possibly our bedroom, so I really cannot think about coloring this room just yet.  Fortunately it’s not a hideous color, it’s just boring. 

We are very much looking forward to being able to house visitors. :) 


does anyone know how to reupholster this kind of chair?

I love the frame (and it’s really nice!) but I need a different fabric to match the decor for my loft. 

I’ve searched YouTube and can’t really find what I’m looking for.
Part of the problem is that I’m so clueless – I don’t even know what kind of chair this is, so I can’t really search for how to reupholster it.  All I’m finding are tutorials for the basic chair cushions that pop right out.

Anybody have any suggestions?????

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