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Part II involves, as I mentioned previously, the aquarium.
We had a grand time.  And I will do my best to make fish interesting.
If you so desire, you may play the game that we played while waltzing around the exhibits: Who Does this Fish Look Like?
It can be a fun game.  But consider yourself warned: it can get nasty. ;)  Which is why I will not be divulging our opinions on who looks like what fish. 

We will start with the Zebra Shark:

Now, there are two kinds of people when it comes to offering a response to the fact that this fish is, supposedly, named after a Zebra.  You know, the horsey things that have STRIPES?
There are the people who say (loudly), “What idiot named THIS shark?”
And there are the more humble people who wonder if perhaps THEY are the ones missing something.
I tend to be that person who automatically assumes that someone ELSE was the idiot and on drugs when naming this fish.

UNTIL, I did what you’re supposed to do at nature exhibits:
read the wall plaques.
Turns out someone anticipated my harsh judgment.  This shark is apparently born with stripes.  Not spots.  Hence the name.  Though, perhaps if they had waited to name the shark until it grew up, they could have avoided all idiocy accusations.

This first guy here on the left looks like a Cat-Man-Fish, no?

DSC07155 DSC07158 DSC07159 DSC07161

My thought-process on the skeleton below is rather embarrassing, and should remain in my head, but for the sake of the blog, I will tell all.
This mammoth was hanging from the ceiling.

My thoughts were as follows:
Oh my, that’s big.
Why is a dinosaur at the aquarium?  Shouldn’t that be at the Franklin?
Oh wait, no, maybe it’s a sea monster.  That would make more sense.
But that can’t be real.  No way.  Leviathan?  In Baltimore?  I doubt it.
So then, what IS it?

The plaque on the wall must have known I’d ask that question.

Because, like a Howler out of Harry Potter, it screamed at me:



But even now I’m having second thoughts…because I thought whales were made of cartilage, not bone?  Maybe that’s just sharks…
Clearly I need to go back to the aquarium because I didn’t learn enough.

Moving on.
We found Nemo. (and Marlin, I suppose)
And we said anemone until we couldn’t say it correctly anymore.


And then we found Dory…


And then we found a picture of the fish that almost ate Marlin & Dory…


And I took a picture of this fish because I thought it was Deb.  But that wasn’t right, and then I thought perhaps it was Sharkbait?  Wrong again.  But now I have a picture of this fish and I feel obligated to use it.


Kind of looks like the fish who pointed Nemo and Dory towards the EAC, no? 


Once we had successfully relived Finding Nemo, we headed up to the rainforest where a lovely aquarium attendant snapped this photo for us. 


Then we walked down the Shark Ramp.  The sharks were by far my favorites.


Mike and I were talking about how many different kinds of fish there are, and how it displays the creativity of our God.  Who else would create something so beautiful yet hidden so far under water?  This one in particular blew me away.


The Australian exhibit…

DSC07223 DSC07224

And, even though it’s dark, here we are inside a huge shark jaw fossil.

All I can say is, this is why I am on land, and sharks are in the sea.

And that concludes our Baltimore trip.  Thanks for a fabulous trip, my dear.  I’ve said it before, but marrying you was the best decision I ever made.  Here’s to many more years together.  May God bless each and every one of them.  I love you!!!


Today is our anniversary.
Two fabulous years of being married to the love of my life and best friend.
Darling, I can’t believe I get to be married to you.  You love me so selflessly, you spoil me rotten, and you CONTINUE to love me in spite of my shortcomings.  I don’t deserve you, but I’m sure glad I get you.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He gave me you :) 

Today is our actual anniversary.  But Michael is in England. (not fair? i agree! 😉 ) So, we celebrated over the weekend in Baltimore.  It was absolutely fantastic.  The Inner Harbor is one of my favorite places, and the weather was perfect for our trip! 

The hotel was beautiful.  Right behind Mike in the picture is Camden Yards!

DSC06969 DSC06970 DSC06989DSC06982  DSC06996

Sharp Street.  Clearly, they were expecting me.


My handsome man…

DSC07009 DSC07013


I was thirsty and needed something cool and refreshing, so naturally, I purchased a five dollar lemonade.  Naturally.  But, hey, what are anniversaries for? 😉


And then, oh then…
Then came dinner.
Mike found this amazing restaurant in Little Italy.  Milan.  I will eat there any day.  Both the food and the decor are incredible. 

DSC07028 DSC07054 DSC07038 DSC07042DSC07041 

We had a view of the city from our table.

DSC07040 DSC07033

Their garlic bread was out of this world.

DSC07049 DSC07051 

We basically ate Lobster, Crab and Shrimp in some form for both the appetizer and dinner.

DSC07060DSC07052DSC07063 DSC07061 

We didn’t eat here, but this is the outdoor seating for the restaurant.  Just like the inside, only outside under a canopy of lights!


The walk home was crisp and beautiful.  There was an Orioles game that night, and it was fun to see everything all lit up.


Ok, this here is the Gallery.  Where one can do mucho shopping. (I’m so glad I married a man who likes to shop!)


Now, immediately after snapping this picture, I proceed to turn around, only to find a cyclist swoosh by me at the speed of light.  At nine o’clock at night.  Isn’t cycling a daytime activity?  Anyways, I missed him by inches.  Inches from my nose, to be precise.  Can you imagine how catastrophic that would have been?  I can.  Which is what I told Michael.
In response he, rather nonchalantly, goes, “Oh, yeah, I guess I should have warned you about that.” (as he had watched it all unfold)
I said, “Yeah, that would have been nice.  That would have been a blog-worthy story for sure.”
To which he said, “C’mon – where’s your sense of adventure?  Where’s your commitment to the blog??!”
I regret to inform you that my commitment to my face is greater than my commitment to the blog.  Sorry. 😉

Fortunately, I am still alive to show you one of the fruits of our trip to the Gallery.  The fire-engine-red bag on the left was discovered at Gap.  Meghan assured me it could survive as a statement piece.  Which I am hoping is true. 
And the dress to the right was my birthday present from last month (and served excellently for our trip.)  Remember I said he was taking me on a surprise mission?  That mission turned out to be a trek to Anthropologie.  Ladies, does he not know the way to a woman’s heart? 😉

DSC07097 DSC07098

The next morning we went out in search of breakfast.  On our way we stopped over for a look at Camden Yards. 

 DSC07113 DSC07114

Then we made our way down to the harbor.  The buildings along the way were a combination of quaint and modern.

DSC07107DSC07123 DSC07125 DSC07131

It was Sunday morning on the Harbor.  Apparently cyclists like Sunday mornings.  Cyclists of whom I steered clear this time.

DSC07135 DSC07139

We had trouble finding breakfast, so we stopped in Barnes & Noble hoping to get something from their cafe.  No such luck.  But the plus side was experiencing this very unique B&N.  Apparently it used to be a (power?) plant of sorts.  Very cool architecture. 


Eventually, we ended up at Panera for breakfast.  We were hoping for something a little more original, but we were hungry and could find nothing else. 🙂

After that, we went to the Aquarium, which was fascinating in so many ways.
But that will be the next blog post.  In the meantime, I will leave you with this teaser, in honor of the game that we played: “Who’s that fish look like?”


And with that, I say, Happy Anniversary, my love! 🙂

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