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I don’t usually cook on Sundays
(growing up the law of the land was “Grab your own Grub” on Sundays…)
But I had cauliflower I needed to use, and Mike just got home from the UK last night, so we needed some comfort food as we relaxed and watched the Phils.
And anything that involves an entire head of garlic roasting in the oven, drenched in olive oil, has GOT to be good.
Add to that bacon, sweet roasted cauliflower and crusty spicy bread, and you’ve got a pretty good Sunday supper.


Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup.
I just may have to start cooking on Sundays if it’s going to taste this good.

Side note: the only thing I changed was to add 4 oz. cream cheese. 
Made it creamier and richer, which are two things we like.




Bacon + Basil + (Fresh) Mozzarella + (Marinated) Tomatoes.

All stacked on broiled Ciabatta bread.

So easy.  So yummy. 

Real Simple has done it again.


I’m not quite sure why I couldn’t come up with such an ingenious idea on my own…but then again, maybe that’s why they’re the magazine and I’m not.  Maybe it’s also why they chose the company name that they did.

They call it Romaine Salad with Bacon and Tomatoes.
I call it BLT Salad Style.
Because, after all, that’s exactly what it is.
I also made the Creamy Parmesan Dressing they suggest.  Super good.  I picked up a Garlic Parmesan Baguette at Trader Joe’s to go along with it, and it made the perfect summer meal!

And, ummm, if you read the comments on Real Simple’s site for this recipe, please have a laugh for me.  I was too lazy to make a user account, so I’ll just spout my thoughts here (which is what a blog is for, not what recipe comments are for).  If you don’t like the recipe because you didn’t like the taste, fair enough.  That’s understandable.  If you don’t like “grocery-store” bacon, then simply buy organic or grass-fed.  And if you don’t like bacon (and bacon-eaters, such as myself), then that is perfectly fine.  I don’t like you either. ;)  I pity you, but please go on your merry way and just don’t make the recipe.  It’s real simple. 😉

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