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I prayed the entire way through this dress.
No lie.
Because I still don’t really know what I’m doing 🙂
I followed this tutorial for the tiers.
Made a 4th tier because I messed up.
And came up with the chest and straps on my own.
That only took about, oh, 8 hours.
I really need to stop believing people when they say,
”it takes 10 minutes to whip up!”


The good news is, it fits.
The straps are a bit loose, but I’m not complaining.
And if all goes according to plan, she will be wearing this at her birthday party.
Provided she doesn’t decide to throw up on it or anything.
Which she would totally do.
I’m learning that’s how these things work.

I’m just glad it doesn’t look like the 1st attempt.
God is very kind to me. 🙂


These are the tutorials I used as my guides:
DIY: Onesie to Dress Tutorial
10-Minute Onesie Dress



And now, a few things you should know:

1) If the tutorial says 10 minutes, just add an additional 10, and then add on 300 more for good measure.  That’s right.  It took  me 5 and 1/2 hours.

2) Be prepared to call AND text Margie 5,000 times.

3) Expect your machine to get tied up in one humongous knot and break a needle or two.

4) You will probably cry.  Several times.

5) If you are an amateur like me, you can expect to be rather pleasantly surprised when the dress DOESN’T, in fact, resemble a colorful potato sack.

6) Sixthly, if you are once again an amateur like me, you can expect the dress to not fit your child 🙂 (I clearly did not allow enough room for the waist to stretch, and I’m not sure how to either.)

7) Next, since you spent 5 hours on this darn thing, you will probably want to attempt to stuff your baby in it even if it’s the last thing you do.  You may (very happily, at first!) succeed in this venture…but there is of course a number 8 on this list.

8 ) Once you have determined that you can indeed fit your kid inside the object of your blood, sweat and tears, you will find that you cannot get her OUT.

9) Have your husband on hand so he can help you twist and turn your screaming, squirming child as your wrestle her out of what is, essentially, a baby straightjacket.  We were 1 minute away from cutting her out of it when Mike figured out a solution.  Trust me, then I REALLY would have cried.

10) Anybody want a pretty green and yellow dress? :)  Because if she is going to have a handmade Easter dress, it’s going to have to be a different one.

And now, for some pictures.
Sadly (fortunately?), I do not have any of the trauma caused by trying to extract Julia from the dress.  That would have been a good addition to her baby book for sure.


If you have any suggestions for how to fix the waist problem , please please please send them my way!!!!  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have no idea what I’m doing :)  So any and all help would be very much appreciated!

Happy Thursday!

Is it wrong to cater to your child’s sense of vanity in order to get things done?
An immediate example would be: propping up a mirror on the floor to entertain Julia so I could write this post. 🙂
She is enamored with herself. 
Just like the rest of us, I suppose.

It’s raining again.
And Julia is tearing up my house.
So we took a trip to Target and JoAnn Fabrics.
I am attempting to make an Easter dress for Jules.
If it turns out well, you will se a post forthcoming.
If it turns out like the shirt Denise made Theo on The Cosby Show,
(skip to minute 5:40) 
then there will be no mention of this topic ever again. 🙂
Ok, I gotta run.  My child just learned how to pull herself up on the couch and has pillaged my craft supply.
I leave you with some rainy day pics from the loft,
which is not finished yet…
But it’s good enough to do crafts in!!
Happy Wednesday.


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