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the situation with the laundry is this:
it’s everywhere.
and Belle thinks it’s just fantastic to take all the clean clothes…
…and make them not so clean anymore.
she is my not-helper.
cute, adorable, completely kissable…
but a not-helper all the same.

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so guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?


Sometimes I ask myself if it’s worth it.
To spend so much time making stuff rather than buying it.
What’s better?  Ease or accomplishment?
Having exactly what I want, or wanting what I can have?
And then I remember I don’t really have a choice.
It’s either make it or not have it.  😉
Or buy something cheap that I don’t really like at all.

I’m learning to make it work.
Rather than sulk and spend all my time wishing I could take a wagon through Pottery Barn and load it up, I need to work with what I have.
And it’s proving to be worth it!
Oh, and God is teaching me LOTS about contentment along the way.
I thought I was done with that lesson???
Apparently that’s a life-long one.

Anyways, here are the recent changes to our bedroom.
I am always amazed how simple things like curtains can dramatically change a room.
And new shades, too!
We had these blackout shades that were both hideous and impractical.
They didn’t look pretty, and it was nearly impossible to get up in the morning since they blocked out all the sunlight.



(hideous, right?)

and After:


I replaced the blackout shades with Bamboo Roman Shades.
They are light-filtering, which is exactly what I wanted.
Not to mention, MUCH prettier.

The fabric for the curtains is from JoAnn’s. 
I picked a subtle, flower print for the main portion.
I would have used it for the entire panel, but the store did not have enough fabric for me to make 4 panels.
So I improvised!
I added a block of muslin and a block of turquoise damask print,
both of which were leftover from my bed skirt.
Yet another example of learning to make it work 😉

And sewing them was relatively easy.
I had the fabric cut in 4, 2-yard portions at the store,
(saved me lots of measuring and cutting)
attached the two fabric blocks to the bottom,
and hemmed all sides.
I made a 3-inch pocket for the curtain rods at the top.
And that’s it!
It takes time (mostly for measuring), but it’s not too complicated.
Thankfully curtain panels are RECTANGLES! 😉



And now for the bed skirt.
As I said, it is the same fabric as the bottom of the curtains.
I picked these colors because they best matched those in my bedspread.
(please ignore the junk under the bed.)


Basically, I measured the length and height that I needed,
then divided it by how many panels I wanted in the skirt.
I did not want to mess with ruffles or frills,
so I made it hang flat.
I then just sewed the panels together and hemmed the raw edges.
I made three separate sides but did NOT sew them together:
to simplify my life even more,
I just safety pinned each side of the skirt to the box spring,
making sure they were well hidden under the mattress and met properly at the corners.
So much easier than attaching it to a sheet under the mattress,
plus it makes it easy to change out at any time.
(Just a note: you could sew the corners together if you wanted,
I just didn’t feel like figuring it out so I took the easy road.)

So here’s what I ended up spending:

$45 for four 84-inch curtain panels

$20 for a King sized bed skirt

$19.98 for two curtain rods from Target ($9.99 each)

$60 for two Bamboo Roman Shades from ($28 each + shipping)

$120 for the Quilt and Shams from Target
(this was my splurge.  However, it is machine washable, which means I don’t have to get it dry-cleaned AND it’s a quilt.  To make one would be almost as expensive.)

So, that’s been my most-recent project around here!
I am now on the hunt for a fun wooden door to use as a headboard.
I have some leads but not the time right now, so we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Hope this encourages you all that you really can decorate on a budget!
It may take time, but it will be worth it. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

I am always changing things.
Usually it’s because I love making lists, not doing what I write on them.
And so, when things don’t get done, I assume the problem is my list.
Not my motivation 😉

But whatever the problem is,
I am convinced I will go on making lists until the day I die.
This is my latest attempt at a cleaning schedule.
A while ago I chose the tactic of “a little bit every day.”
I’m done with that.
(for now)
I have decided that I like knocking it all out at once.
So, I’ve gone back to a “cleaning day” mentality.
To ease the pain, I’ve decided to do certain chores only twice a month.
Can anyone say bathrooms?
I have 3 in this house, which is way too many for its size.
So I refuse to clean them every 7 days.

Here is the link:

<iframe width="402" height="346" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="!124&kip=1&wdAllowInteractivity=False&AllowTyping=True&wdDownloadButton=True"></iframe>

I wish I was tech savvy enough to figure out why it won’t link under the simple text “cleaning schedule.”
Anyways, I recommend downloading it in Excel,
as Windows Live “does not support shapes”
What good is a cleaning schedule without shapes?
My shapes happen to be check boxes,
because we all know that putting an X in a box
makes one feel much more accomplished.
(to download in Excel: you will see a dark gray bar at the bottom of the page.
click the far right icon that looks like two little squares.
It will take you to a different screen and at the top left there will be an option for opening in Excel.)

I plan to simply print out a new sheet each month.
And if you’re betting I will have a new list come this time next year,
you are probably right.

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