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At some point……


Gravity will have its way with me and my dish-cleaning methods. 

And I will be forced either to dry my dishes or put them away.

I like to live on the edge.  And so do my dishes, as you can clearly see. 


If you missed Part 1, go here

So, for perhaps a year now, Meghan and I have been having a duel over who has the best grocery list.  Meg, consider this an upping of the ante. 😉

And I must give some credit to Lauren Bailes – she was the one who suggested I have a “staples” list.  Meaning, a list of items I buy frequently, if not weekly.  I liked her idea, so I added it!  It is so easy – whichever items I need that week, I just circle or highlight. DONE!

Meal planning for me is a necessity. Otherwise I will wander around the grocery store aimlessly and buy Vanilla Chai Tea, a Pineapple, pita bread and hummus. And that will satisfy me for exactly two days. And it sill satisfy Michael for exactly twelve minutes.
SO, I need a list.
My meal planning tools are: slippers, a good movie, my grocery list template (see below), Sunday paper coupons, scissors, fun pens/highlighters, and my Giant circular. Also a Starbucks if I have any dollars left in my Starbucks fund. Which usually I do not. Which leads me to the awful reminder that this truly is a Could-Have-Had-A-Really-Nice-Car-by-Now-With-All-That-Money-You-Drank Fund.

Anywho, here is my latest template, created in Microsoft Excel:

I simply:
a) determine what I’m going to cook for the week
b) write down the ingredients I need
c) go through the circular and see if either the ingredients I need are on sale, or if there are any good items I can stock up on and save. I write the sale price next to the item.
d) see if I have any coupons I want to use, and if so check off the designated box

It really helps me because I have everything on one page. Underneath the Target list I also have a Produce Junction list. I may change this to “Extras” – any other dishes I’m making that week that aren’t meal-related (i.e. snacks for CG, a dish to bring into work, a pie for Traci Healey, etc.)
The great thing: you can easily customize it for which stores you shop it and which staples you buy. I created this based on my needs, you could simply change it to what suits you best.

So, I hope this helps! It’s just something I’ve found helpful. And I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it again soon 🙂

Also, out of curiosity, do you say “I have to go grocery shopping” or “I have to go food shopping”? I’m conducting an experiment.

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