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A few weeks ago, I wrote about my cranky lovey
Through much prayer and patience, we got through.
We always do, don’t we?  Even though it seems we never will 🙂
Because God is faithful.

And this week has been different from that week – a good different.
I’ve been enjoying my girlie in such a refreshing way.
I am sick (yes, again) and so my mom took Julia for a few days.
But starting yesterday, it was just me and her.
So I threw out the strict TV rules, and we set up camp on my bed.
I can’t tell you how good she has been!
We’ve spent the past two days watching Elmo and Mickey
(and perhaps a bit of Top Chef),
reading, and yes – even jumping on the bed.
(her, not me.)


When we go downstairs so I can throw something in the crockpot,
or try to tame the disaster that is what I call “the sick house,”
she plays happily with her toys and “reads” her books.
She runs around pointing out letters on things,
ecstatic when she finds an “H.”
(it is her favorite)


And as I watch her, I realize how very blessed we are to have her.
I read stories all the time of mommies losing their babies,
stories that break my heart.
Just yesterday I heard of parents who lost their second baby to a heart condition.  Absolutely heartbreaking.
It brings me to prayer like little else does.
I pray for their comfort,
because I can only imagine the anguish that must grip them.
I pray that in this world of trouble,
where trials come and little ones go to be with Jesus,
we would know that He has overcome this world of trouble.
And I pray out of gratitude.
Thankful that my little one is so healthy,
thankful for the light that she brings to our home,
thankful for the joy that God’s given to us in her.


I went to put lunch away today and couldn’t find my chip clip.
Because ten little fingers had stolen it from the drawer
and stashed it only God knows where.
And I was filled with so much praise for those two little thieving hands.

So I’ll keep talking about the cranky toddler days,
because they can be challenging in a very real way.
But I want to remember that I am blessed;
blessed to simply have my baby,
whether cranky or joyful.
And I’ll keep on praying for all those mamas who have had to place their babies in Jesus’ arms.
For He is near to the brokenhearted;
He has promised to be.
And I think every mother can relate to that kind of sorrow.

So, that’s it really.
Just had to share how grateful I am for God’s blessing to me in this little girl.
Thank goodness the cranky days are not the only kind. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.


or not on the wall…
…as it were.

We painted on Saturday,
so all of the items on our walls found new homes on the floor.
Julia’s favorite was the mirror.
She is obsessed with herself.


Narcissism must run in the family.
As is evidenced by this very blog.
Finished painting pics to come soon!
Along with my curtain and bed skirt projects!
It feels very good to be getting so much done. 🙂

One never knows what will spark an outburst from a 14-month-old.

It could be, perhaps, that grass is prickly on baby bare feet…
(and mommy KNOWS that)



Or it could be that all the injustice in the world is simply too much to bear… 



Or it could be that mommy stepped outside and is on the other side of the glass…



on purpose, no less…



or maybe it’s because this morning’s breakfast was a rip off.
it’s not enough for Julia to just have her own toast…
no…she must have Julia’s toast AND mommy’s toast…
Greed is so prevalent.


One really can never know.
But it’s fun to guess.


This is what “we” do when “we” are bored.


“Daisy, give yourself away,
Look up at the rain
The beautiful display,
Of power and surrender
Giving us today,
When she gives herself away……
……Let it go,
Daisy let it go
Open up your fists
This fallen world,
Doesn’t hold your interest,
Doesn’t hold your soul,
Daisy let it go”
– Switchfoot

(Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure this is a daisy 🙂 )
But if it is not, at least it is growing in my garden.
That makes me happy enough.
And these lyrics from Switchfoot are some of my favorite.
Now I have go outside and make sure the rest of my garden is still alive,
seeing as I forgot to water it yesterday.
Plants hate me.

“To be content as a result of some external thing is like warming a man’s clothes by the fire.  But to be content through an inward disposition of the soul is like the warmth that a man’s clothes have from the natural heat of his body.”

~ Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment


Yep.  I’m going through this book again.
Because I still desperately need to learn the art of contentment 🙂

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much…”
”No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.”

~ Luke 16:10a, 13


This is closely connected to the heart of contentment for me.
I always think that if I have more, life will be better.
I miss the fact that God tells me to be faithful with however little/much He has given me, and to not put my trust in earthly riches.
Contentment chooses God as a haven, not money.
Praying that God will teach me this 🙂

I’m moving to Antarctica. 
I can’t take the bugs.
It was not this bad last summer.
Big black spiders.  Ants.  Stink bugs.  Bugs I’ve never seen before!
I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this!
And just FYI, these pics don’t do justice to how big these creatures are.
If they make their way inside my house…
…God help us all.



What on earth IS that?!

I seem to have offended the Bug gods in some egregious way.
They just will not leave me alone.
It feels like Egypt here with these creeper crawler plagues!

As a result, in the past week I have done the following:

– gone to war against THE ANTS

– vowed to lead a nationwide boycott if they ever make any movie
personifying and glorifying ANTS

– realized that they already did that.  It’s called ‘A Bug’s Life.’

– I then proceeded to have conflicting feelings on the subject, seeing as I love the movie and yet believe it to be a lie the size of Mount Everest.

Ants. Are. Not. Cute.

They don’t fall in love or invent ingenious contraptions.
They don’t join the circus.
And they most certainly don’t stay in their cozy little ant hill.

I’m beginning to feel a lot more sympathetic towards The Grasshoppers.

Anyways, I’ve tried the store-bought traps and sprays with very minimal success.
Plus, now that Julia is mobile, I just didn’t feel comfortable using them.

Many people had told me about using Borax and sugar,
so off I went on an internet search and found this gem of a tutorial:

Natural Ant Killer Blog

Now THAT is my kind of blog.

I set a few traps yesterday
and have already seen a considerable decrease in ants.
Although, on two separate occasions I’ve had the irrational fear that the ants may strike back.
You’re about to see just how certifiable I am.

The first instance occurred during one of my ant-watching episodes.
You see, I like to watch them stagger, die, explode, etc.
Whatever it takes to get them out of my house.
Now, to lure the ants into the trap,
you mix a little peanut butter with the sugar and borax.
Protein and sugar.
It’s sheer brilliance, really.
As I’ve said, later that morning I was gleefully watching the little suckers
go to town on the poison I’d set out for them…

…while eating a spoonful of peanut butter.


I’m not sure whether that’s ironic or evil or both.
All I know is that I had the peanut butter out and decided I wanted some.

Anyways, mid-spoonful, I was suddenly struck with the thought:
”what if THEY poisoned MY peanut butter?!”

But wait.  I’m not done being crazy.

This morning I came downstairs and poured myself a cup of coffee as usual.
Now, on the counter, there is a canister of sugar and a bowl of sugar/borax.
They look the same.
I fixed my coffee using the sugar from the canister, of course.
But something didn’t taste right,
and my first thought was not:
“oh, I haven’t added enough half & half”
My first thought was:

I told you I was certifiable.

The good news is the traps seem to be working.
And I’m a lot happier, even if I’m not sane.

And I’ve got a long way to go before I come to terms with the fact that God tells me to learn from the ants.
I especially love this translation of Proverbs 6:6:
”Consider the ant, you lazy bum. Watch its ways, and become wise.”

Can’t I just watch them from far off? 
That’s why I have National Geographic, right?

I’m hoping that since there will be no sin in heaven,
(and therefore no slothfulness)
maybe that means there will be no ants in heaven?

Happy Thursday!

There seem to be a lot of “sagas” on this blog.


You may remember Franz Ferdifand.
He is dead, of course.
I knew I’d need to find a replacement for him eventually,
I just didn’t realize how soon.
Last week was one of those May heat waves that always catches everyone by surprise.
Even though we have 10-Day Forecasts and all…
Still a shocker somehow!
We don’t have central air, so I had all the ceiling fans going upstairs,
but downstairs we were dying.
(We = I, by the way)
I found myself missing even the tipsy Ferdifand himself.
By Thursday, I also found myself on the floor crying like a 6-year-old.
Because I was hot.
That was the answer I gave my husband when he asked why I was crying.
And on the floor.
Because I was hot.
I admit I felt somewhat silly when I heard myself saying all this out loud.
But, if you didn’t catch it yet, I was hot,
so I continued with my meltdown.
(Yes, pun is intended at this point.)

Mike had a huge presentation the next day (Friday), so he was unavailable to install the AC units until the weekend.
This did not keep me from proceeding with my tantrum.
So Mike, being the loving man that he is,
put down his work and put in the AC units.
And I stopped crying, sang his praises and went on a trip to Walmart
to find a fan replacement and make my happiness complete.

I picked out a beauteous stand fan.
I was done with the tower kind.
I lugged it inside, and Mike pulled it out of the box.
He said it looked complicated and asked if it could wait a day or two.
I said no worries (he had his presentation after all)
and asked if it would stress him out if I tried my hand at it?
He said not at all.


I should have asked:
“Will it stress you out if I dump all these parts and nuts and bolts and screws out on the kitchen floor?
(but don’t worry – I meant to do that)
and will it stress you out if I get stressed out and ask you a million questions about which part goes where?
and what on earth is this feature to which they are referring?
and how come they didn’t tell me to put the base cover on before assembling the rest of the fan and now I have to take it all apart?
and is it a problem that I stripped this screw and it won’t turn now?
and do they really think that one person can possess the 4 arms necessary to assemble this thing?
and am I the idiot, or are the instruction-writers the idiots?
and…well…can you just help me with this one step?
ten times?

All you need to know is:
4 hours after deciding I wanted a fan,
Mike was sitting on the kitchen floor putting it together.
And I was watching.
It’s a good thing he loves me. 🙂

I feel a lot cooler this morning than I did yesterday morning.
For many reasons.
One being that the AC is on
two being that I have a spiffy new fan downstairs (more on that later)
three being this awesome tumbler I got last night.


Please ignore the dust particles on my dining room table.
I cleaned after I took this picture.
You can all rest easy now.

I picked up two of these guys at Walmart last night.
Only 5 bucks each!
The one not pictured has a gel in between the double walls,
and when you stick it in the freezer,
it makes your drink even cooler.
On so many levels.
I am hoping it will do the same for me.

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