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I know I’ve shared this before, but I just had to reiterate how much I love this store!! 

My mom got one of their bibs for Julia, and it is by far my favorite.  We just started doing solids, and it is PERFECT for the task.  It’s beautiful AND cleans up in a breeze!

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Baby Blanket in Lace

Lace Boutique Wipes Box

Lace Boutique Burp Cloth

If you couldn’t tell, I’m in love with the Lace Boutique pattern. ;)  I just went through and added a bunch of stuff to “Julia’s” Wishpot haha. 

They make great gifts, too!  Check it out! 


Spring has sprung.
It is a balmy 59 degrees today!
And I am celebrating with a head cold. How unfortunately ironic.

I am so loving this warmer weather. Yes, me, the snow-lover. I cannot wait to have my doors and windows open and sunlight pouring through them from early morning until early evening! I have grand plans for our deck this spring/summer, and I am anxious to get a move on it.

Also included in spring/summer plans: a garden.
Traci, Michelle and I do not have green thumbs, and yet we are going to attempt a vegetable garden.
Whose idea was that? Traci’s 😉
So we are consulting our local garden guru: Emily Mox. She is going to school for all things plant related! (I realize there is a scientific name for that….probably horticulture…or herbology…wait spell-check says herbology is not a word…does that only exist in Harry Potter?) Well, either way, she is sharing her wisdom with us and we are eternally grateful. I, for one, do not want to plant what I thought were peppers and be absolutely floored when cucumbers sprout.
You think I’m joking?
I once killed a cactus.
In the words of Demetri Martin, that means I am less nurturing than a desert.

So, I’m trying to move on from that horrendous experience. And when I asked Emily if I could grow strawberries…she wisely (and very kindly) suggested that perhaps I should wait on those. So, we are going to try to keep vegetables alive and see how that goes.

But in the meantime, I saw this Strawberry Kit at Target:

Buzzy Porcelain Strawberry Grow Kit

This intrigues me. Because if I can’t grow strawberries, maybe this pot can!
I am going to mention it as a gift idea for Mother’s Day. Which, I have been wondering, do I count as a participant for Mother’s Day this year? I hope so. Because I have been dropping gift ideas to Michael rather frequently lately 😉

I keep entering giveaways for things I want to win.

So far, my luck has not been so good.

For example, I cannot seem to get my hands on one of those Le Creusets that Pioneer Woman keeps giving away. Doesn’t God know I need a Cobalt Blue French oven to match my Cobalt blue teapot???!!!!

I guess I still have a ways to go before I understand the true definition of need.

Anywho, this is my latest potential heartbreak:

It is an Heirloom by Petunia 10th Anniversary Diaper Bag. And there is a giveaway on Tangled and True’s blog.  It is the Rhone Blooms print.  And I love it.

And it would be the most perfect bag for little Julia Mae. (And her mommy.)

And so I have entered.

Just this morning I was reading in Proverbs: “Hope deferred makes the heart SICK! but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Prov. 13:12)

See?! A desire FULFILLED is a tree of LIFE! Nevermind that I am also learning about contentment right now.  And please ignore the fact that this is, indeed, a very small hope deferred.

In spite of all that, I figure I can still ask and pray. And still be content. And possibly win this bag. I am hoping the Lord looks upon my plight and causes me to be the lucky winner this time. 😉

I love this shirt.

What does that have to do with Valentine’s Day, you ask? I will tell you. Real Simple sent me this recommendation as a festive top for Lover’s Day. It can be found at Charlotte Russe. I love when national holidays revolve around fashion advice.

I really like it. Although, not so sure how it would look with a baby bump??

Also, on the topic of Valentine’s Day….I need some ideas. I am not very creative when it come to V-Day. And last year, I believe I even started a fight directly following the fabulous (and expensive!) dinner that Mike so lovingly treated me to at Avalon. I need to improve my Valentine skills. Any ideas???? Besides those chalky hearts candies??

When I saw this in Real Simple, it was love at first sight.

moleskin 2

moleskin color a month moleskin 3

All of you organizing freakazoids out there are agreeing with me right now, I know.

It is a daily planner, a separate notebook and color for each month.  This is exactly the kind of thing I need.

It is $40.00.  But it is for 12 months worth of notebooks. Which is……it’s Saturday…I’m not doing the monthly cost.  But it’s not that bad! (Mike just told me it’s a little more than $3 a month…I could have figured it out….I really could have….but like I said…it’s Saturday.)

Is it worth it??????

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