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I have been a slacker at blogging lately.
I hope to get back at it soon.
Because life is sure to only slow down from here on out 😉

As far as baby news,
I had my 20-week ultrasound this past week,
and we are praising God for a healthy report!
An added bonus –  we’ll be adding another GIRL to the mix this summer!

Isobel Rose

And this girl has a name:
Isobel Rose.
Isobel means “God’s promise,” or “Pledged to God.”
Now, in the interest of full disclosure,
we didn’t look up the meaning of the name until AFTER we had picked it,
but once we did,
we really couldn’t believe how fitting it is.
Before I got pregnant with Isobel,
I had a very early-term miscarriage.
I only knew I was pregnant for a week,
but it was heartbreaking,
and I struggled with a lot of fear afterwards.
I still do at times.
During that time, I clung to the truth that
if God wills, He absolutely can.
”Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14)
It’s a truth that God continues to teach me about Himself.
He is good in all that He does,
even if we don’t understand His ways.
And if God makes a promise, He will be faithful to fulfill it.
It is comforting for me to know that Isobel is first and foremost His.
She is a gift from God, and we pledge her to Him.

Now, she has a name…
but I am a little less certain she has a nose.
(though Mike assures me she does and that I am ridiculous)
I went back and looked at Julia’s pictures from 20 weeks,
and she also appeared to be lacking in nasal features,
but has quite a nice nose now…
so I am hopeful 😉

The day after we found out we were having a girl,
Julia and I went out on a mini shopping spree.
I am typically not big on the matchy-matchy sibling love,
but these dresses were too cute to not swipe two of them.

 julia & isobel

Half-way there!
We cannot wait to meet you, sweet Isobel Rose.


Dinner by Mom: Pasta and Bolognese Sauce.
J thoroughly enjoyed it.



signing “All Done!”
(with some demonstration from Aunt Rosie)



After dinner we went to the Boardwalk.



Dad entertained Julia while Mom, Ro and I spent 20 minutes picking out new sunglasses.
Such is his life with 4 women.
He is definitely outnumbered until Andrew and Mike get here.



Throughout the course of the evening, Dad fed Julia the following:
Ice Cream.
A chocolate chip cookie.
Strawberry Lemonade.
I finally intervened when he tried to sneak her the fudge.
Grandpas will be grandpas.
Here he is sharing his lemonade.



Here he is consoling her after “all done!” didn’t go so well.



And here he is caving under the pressure.
Oh the power that a one-year-old girl has over her grandpa.



Back from the beach.
What a grand time we had 🙂

They have been friends since Day 1.

A Great-Grandmom is a very special thing.

Well, one of them is more of a favorite right now.
Which one? you ask.
Let’s just say this.
At 11 o’clock at night, one should always let sleeping babies lie.
Or else they will become a not-so-favorite.
My mistake.


I am hoping she falls back asleep soon.


Please come home soon?
(Or at least phone home.)
I miss you.

With love,

Little in the world’s eyes.
Big in God’s.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what God’s called me to.
What skills do I have?  What great things are there for me to do?  What on EARTH will my college education ever do for me? 😉  Certainly there must be more?
When nothing shows up, I think I’ve missed something.
I think God’s missed something.
Certainly SOMEBODY has missed something?

And that’s when I realized I’m the one missing it.  Because I’ve been looking for the grandeur and the glory rather than the small and the joy.

I have lots to do, it just didn’t show up in the glamour I imagined it would.
They’re all beautiful things, but they don’t always sparkle in the way the world defines sparkle.

Who am I?  What am I called to right now?
I am a Christian.  I am a wife and a mother.  I am a friend.  I am a church member.  I am a tutor.  I am a homemaker.  I am a learner, a reader, a baker and a cook.
And I love all these things.

I just never imagined that perhaps small and little is exactly where God is calling me right now.  Faithful in the little.

Maybe there are bigger things that await me in the future.  I certainly hope there are.  For Christ “gave himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for himself a people for his own possession, zealous for good deeds.” ~ Titus 2:14
But if there are, I first have to excel in the little that God has given me.
And if they’re given to me, they’ll be for God’s glory, not mine.
And in the meantime, there is much joy to be found in loving God and loving where He has placed me.

I have lots to do and lots to learn.  And I’m excited about it all.

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much…” Luke 16:10
”A faithful man will abound with blessings…” ~ Proverbs 28:20

Such a cool thing.

Go to

Pick your city to see free or reduced rates for cultural activities going on in your area.

For example, Target Community Nights at The Franklin.  Free every 3rd Wednesday of the month!

I think we may check it out.  Even though our little explorer is only 6 and 1/2 months old 😉

We continued our PJ Christmas Day at my parents’ house in the afternoon.
Which included the Creme Crumb Cake that Andrew hid from us before we got there.  Only guilt led him to retrieve it from the pantry.  After we had been there for an hour.
But  I’m not bitter.

DSC09035 DSC09040

Don’t worry – that’s not a real dog.  (Much to Rosie’s chagrin, I am sure.)


DSC09046 DSC09049 DSC09052

Andrew got Jujy a Penn State dress, which she saw as perfectly fit to eat.


DSC09058 DSC09059

We got Dad a framed photo of Julia.
Mom found these cute little socks that look like Converse!


Our sleepy little Eagles fan

DSC09079 DSC09096 DSC09102

Some quality time with Ba.

DSC09120 DSC09126 DSC09130DSC09138 DSC09145 DSC09147 DSC09151 I got to end the day with snuggles from my little love.  One of the best things ever.

It’s been a fabulous Christmas.
We celebrated with our little family at home, then went over Mike’s family’s to open gifts, then over to my parents’ for the afternoon, and then back to the Smiths’ for dinner.
My toy this Christmas was a new lens for my camera!!  So there are tons of pictures.  This is part one.

DSC08843Christmas Eve!

DSC08861 DSC08945

A little bear butt.

DSC08864 DSC08869 DSC08876 DSC08880 DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08901 DSC08907

Both Alex and Mike got drills for Christmas.  (These doubled as presents for Michelle and I 😉 )


Ok.  This next part needs some explaining.  Basically, there is this morbid book that *somebody* (who shall remain nameless) wanted for Christmas.  Here is everyone with their favorite pages.

DSC08922DSC08900 DSC08906  DSC08915  DSC08923


DSC08930 DSC08931

Ok.  That’s done.  Back to the merriment. 

 DSC08917 DSC08932 DSC08942 DSC08944 DSC08953 DSC08973 DSC08960DSC08975  DSC08990 DSC09014DSC09006  DSC09021

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