We are Mike and Sarah.
We grew up together.
But did not like each other really all that much.
Pretty much, I felt like this about “us” (don’t mind Mat):

And he wasn’t too crazy about me either.
Mostly because I hung out with these girls (my dear friends) and pulled all kinds of pranks on him and many others.  It usually involved people’s cars.:

And then one day, he asked me to be a fake date at a wedding I was in. Just friends. That’s the only way I was going to be seen on his arm. Only if I was “just a friend.”

And then, one day, he asked me on a REAL date. The kind you go on when you actually like someone.

And lo and behold, I kinda liked him. And he kinda liked me.

And so then, eventually, he asked me to marry him. (I guess he got over the whole pranking business and realized I wasn’t all that bad.)
And I said yes.

And then I dominated him in the traditional smashing of the cake. People still ask me for pictures of this.

And now, we’re just married and weird. But we love each other.

And we’ve added to the weirdness. Julia Mae.  Born July 14, 2010.  We love her to pieces.

And that’s what this blog is about: A Sharp girl married a Smith boy and lived (lives?) happily ever after.
This is a journal of our adventures, musings, and aspirations.
Thanks for stopping by!