Well, I’ve been extremely neglectful of this blog.
But, I figure: better to neglect the blog than the child. 😉

I finally pulled out my camera yesterday for the first time in what seems like ages.  Which is fitting given the occasion: bath time. 
Sometimes ages go by in between Julia’s baths.
My mom normally steps in to make sure my child is clean.




This last picture can sum up a lot of what’s been going on here lately:

– Julia needs a haircut.  But the last one was disastrous, so I’m just kind of ignoring the issue and hoping it will resolve itself.
Hence the spectacular comb over.

– We painted the girls’ room pink.
Along with parts of the trim, ceiling and carpet.
I don’t really care at this point. 🙂

– Julia is now in a toddler bed
(that stripey pink and white thing is her comforter.)
The first week was rough, but things are going much better now.

– I have not gotten around to hanging pictures on the wall,
so for now they will artistically “lean” on bookshelves.
I would like to personally thank whoever made that stylish.
And don’t worry – they’re not heavy.


And besides that, we are just waiting on having a baby.
Mike just got home from a trip to England,
I’ve gotten a pedicure,
and the house was cleaned top to bottom as of last week
(a true miracle if you know me.)
Which means this child needs to come soon.
My house doesn’t stay clean for longer than a few days.
BUT, there are still 3 weeks until d-day,
so I’m trying to keep myself busy.
Namely with trying to finish painting my kitchen cabinets.
Funny thing about them – they refuse to paint themselves.
I wish someone had warned me not to start this project while pregnant.
That’s a joke.  Many people did. 
Which is why I’ve had two-toned cabinets since March.

Well, that’s that.
Hopefully next time I update, I will have a picture of a pretty little baby girl to go along with it!

Happy Wednesday!