I have been a slacker at blogging lately.
I hope to get back at it soon.
Because life is sure to only slow down from here on out 😉

As far as baby news,
I had my 20-week ultrasound this past week,
and we are praising God for a healthy report!
An added bonus –  we’ll be adding another GIRL to the mix this summer!

Isobel Rose

And this girl has a name:
Isobel Rose.
Isobel means “God’s promise,” or “Pledged to God.”
Now, in the interest of full disclosure,
we didn’t look up the meaning of the name until AFTER we had picked it,
but once we did,
we really couldn’t believe how fitting it is.
Before I got pregnant with Isobel,
I had a very early-term miscarriage.
I only knew I was pregnant for a week,
but it was heartbreaking,
and I struggled with a lot of fear afterwards.
I still do at times.
During that time, I clung to the truth that
if God wills, He absolutely can.
”Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14)
It’s a truth that God continues to teach me about Himself.
He is good in all that He does,
even if we don’t understand His ways.
And if God makes a promise, He will be faithful to fulfill it.
It is comforting for me to know that Isobel is first and foremost His.
She is a gift from God, and we pledge her to Him.

Now, she has a name…
but I am a little less certain she has a nose.
(though Mike assures me she does and that I am ridiculous)
I went back and looked at Julia’s pictures from 20 weeks,
and she also appeared to be lacking in nasal features,
but has quite a nice nose now…
so I am hopeful 😉

The day after we found out we were having a girl,
Julia and I went out on a mini shopping spree.
I am typically not big on the matchy-matchy sibling love,
but these dresses were too cute to not swipe two of them.

 julia & isobel

Half-way there!
We cannot wait to meet you, sweet Isobel Rose.