It started like this: I had several free photos through Shutterfly,
and I wasn’t sure what to use them on.
So I ordered a bunch of prints from our wedding
and hoped I could figure something out.
On Monday (one day before our anniversary)
I was still scouring Pinterest for inspiration
and I came across this Photo Frame idea.
What could be a better way to transform boring 4×6 photos?
I found the frame at Goodwill for $12.97
It had a picture in it, so I removed the glass and matted artwork,
leaving me with just the frame.
I then used a staple gun to attach rows of twine to the back of the frame
and mounted each picture on cardstock using raised, foam stickies.
(what a technical description, I know)
I then hung the pictures using miniature clothespins.
And voila!
A framed photo collage in less than a day.


For less than $20, I’m quite happy with it 🙂