I am in love with this bread.



I need to make more because it’s already almost gone.


I got tired of not recognizing the ingredients in the bread I was buying,
and several of my friends have been making their own bread for a while now,
so I figured I’d give it a shot!
It could not have been easier.
I layered the ingredients,
waited a few minutes, just because I had some to spare,
and then pressed START on my bread machine.
3 hours later I was eating a slice of hot, buttered bread.

I used King Arthur’s recipe.
I used 3 and 1/2 cups of flour, honey, and I baked it right in my machine.
(rather than transfer it to the oven)
It produced a very moist but not sticky bread, with a hint of sweetness.
We used it for our Greek Salad Sandwiches and loved it.
Next time I think I may take a shot at making this Kalamata Olive Bread.
Acme (of all places?!) sells one that we love,
but it is both over-priced and over-processed.
So I figure if I can make it, win-win, right?

I am very excited to start using my bread machine more.
Because, like I said, I think I can handle layering and pressing START.
I love directions like that.