We have Uncle Andrew to thank for all of this child’s PSU gear.
She has a little cheerleader outfit sitting in the closet just waiting for her to grow into it.
I can’t wait.

What you can only partially see in this picture (if you look closely)
is a piece of felt in her hands.
This was her “treasure of the day” yesterday.


Sadly, Thing 1 is either sick or teething (badly) or both.
We’re off to the doctor this morning after a few days of screaming,
ear-tugging, cheek-slapping and poor sleep.
Last time it turned out to just be her molars,
but the time before that it was an ear infection.…
…that I was too laid-back to notice.
So, I figure better to get her checked out before the weekend.
I just hope she feels more like herself soon!

We love our little Thing 1.