Saturday mornings in the borough are quickly becoming
a treasured weekly tradition.
First, I hit up the Grower’s Market and my favorite local stores.
Then I crash at Starbucks to do some reading or grab coffee with Mich.
Sometimes I bring Jujy.
Other most times I do NOT. 😉

This week’s finds:
Fresh lettuce – 3 heads for $5
Asparagus – $2.25 a bunch
Broccoli – $1
Whole Milk from Farmhouse Markets.
Apple Rings, Goji Berry Mix and Raw Sugar from The Head Nut

I was particularly excited about the milk – it was about to expire that day,
so I asked if I could get a discount. 
And they gave it to me! 
Instead of $2/half gallon I paid $1.50/half gallon.
I probably could have gotten it for $1 each if I’d been more savvy,
but I am new to the bargaining process. 
But my first lesson is learned:
You never know if you never ask! 🙂

And I was EXTREMELY excited about The Head Nut.
I’d driven by it several times and wanted to go in,
and Saturday was my day.
I love everything about it.
All sorts of:
grains, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, spices, coffee beans, loose tea,
It is my new favorite store.  I’m so glad they opened one in West Chester!
You’ll find it right on High Street between Gay and Chestnut.
Definitely check it out.