I have to say…9 months goes a lot faster with her OUTSIDE the womb than INSIDE ;) 


The Stats:

Weight: 18 lb. 6 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 17.5 inches (50th-75th percentile)

The Skills:

She can crawl.  Fast.  This has changed everything (for better AND for worse)

She can wave hi and bye.  It’s not quite the Queen’s Wave, but I’ll cut her some slack.

She knows that I am ‘mama.’ 

She calls everything ‘da.’  At least Mike fits into the category of ‘everything.’

She can babble all kinds of nonsense.  Her favorites are “boowah” and “boowee” (sp?)

She can do what we like to call “back-and-forth.”  It is much better demonstrated, but essentially she throws her head side-to-side when prompted.

She “dances” to music.  ‘Dance’ is defined loosely, here 😉

She can point.  She often holds both pointer finger out in front of her.  It’s very rockstar of her.

She can pull herself up to standing.  This means nothing is safe on any of the coffee or end tables.  Nothing.

She has superb object permanence.  Much to our chagrin.  Separation anxiety, anyone?  For sure.  Hiding the cell phones, ipods and remotes?  Yeah.  Not workin.


Peas.  Coconut rice.  Prunes.  Lady Lovey (her ladybug blankie).  Her sippy cup.  Her teethers.  Walks.  LOVES to be outside.  Target and JoAnn Fabrics.  Spatulas.  Chewing on zippers (weirdo, I know.)  Play dates.  And pretty much anything that she *can’t* have 🙂 This includes: electrical outlets, cords of any kind, DVDs, the PS3, anything on the bottom shelf of the coffee table, dust bunnies, rubber bands, screwdrivers, stairs…and the list goes on and on.  Do you see why crawling has changed *my* life completely? 🙂

I can’t believe our baby is 9 months old!!  Crazy stuff.  I gotta get movin on planning her birthday.  I am having idea-overload, though, with all the blogs I keep finding.  I’ve gotta narrow down my options and pick a theme.  Soon.  Before I go crazy. 🙂