Yesterday the hubby told me to get out of the house and go have some fun.
So I did something I’ve never really done before: I went thrifting.
It is a valuable skill that I do not currently possess but am trying to cultivate.
So I hit up the local Goodwill and had some fun.  (Though I must say, that part of Exton made a huge error when they tried to be like New Jersey with their idiotic interesting “exit right if you want to turn left” idea.  From the time I spotted the Goodwill to the time I actually got there a good ten minutes had passed as I desperately tried to figure out where to turn!)
Anyways, I found several treasures that I will be posting over the next few days.
First up – a fun serving dish.  I saw this tutorial for how to make your own cake stand, and when I found these fun pieces I just had to try it!

Isn’t this blue fun?


And then there was this green pedestal.  I have no idea what it is really for, but it works perfectly 🙂


Super glue them together and weight for several hours until dried… 



And voila!  Done.


Those are my very favorite kind of instructions:
Glue and stick together.
I think I can follow that…

And the final price tag?

Bowl:            $4.97
Stand:          $1.97
Super glue:  $1.00
Grand Total: $7.94