I got tired of my long swamp hair.

So I waltzed on in to see Emma.
Said the words I swore I would never say:
I need something that is more manageable and that I can do QUICKLY.”
I then apologized to her for saying those words I swore I would never say.
But you know what?  The truth is this: even if I have a free hour, I do not want to spend it blow drying the untamable monster on top of my head.
So, yes, I went with the angled bob.   
I am officially a mom.
I promise I will try to make it stylish.

The best part?  I got to spend 2 and 1/2 hours in a chair drinking coffee, reading a magazine and talking to Emma without a screaming 8 month old in the background.  It was sheer bliss. 🙂