This is how Jujy spent the morning with her daddy. 


I was at a brunch, and the two of them hung out and watched The Cosby Show on Netflix.  They had a grand ol’ time.

It’s a good thing she likes lounging in her Boppy because it’s basically the only way to “immobilize” her now.  She can’t move to sitting on her own yet (though she’s close), and she can’t shimmy out of the horseshoe without a lot of energy (which she usually doesn’t feel like exerting.)  So, seeing as she is comfortable, she generally chooses lounging.

It’s the last hurrah before she’s full out crawling. 
And getting into absolutely everything.
More than she already is.  Dust bunnies, anyone?  Anyone?  She finds plenty to share, seeing as under the hutch is one of her favorite places to explore. 😛

Hoping I can convince her that lounging really is very fun…