I’ve always wanted to be more Italian than I actually am.

My mom’s maiden name was Lucia.

My maiden name could have been Yorgenson.  But then my dad’s family had to go change it to Sharp and all…and, well, I ended up with a boring name. (And yes, I know, Yorgenson should be spelled with a J, but since it’s all hypothetical anyways, I’m going to spell it how I want.)

Then I got married, and my name became even more generic.  Smith.

I was supposed to have an Italian name.  Or at least an authentic Norwegian one.

But since that didn’t seem to work out for me, I’ve decided I can at least try to cook like an Italian.  😉

So, I tried my hand at gnocchi.  It needs improvement, but, for the first time, I don’t think it turned out too bad!  Thanks to Sean and Mary for getting me a ricer for Christmas!!

I used this recipe for Simple Potato Gnocchi

DSC00236 DSC00244 DSC00248 DSC00259 DSC00267 DSC00272 DSC00273

Then used half the batch to make Gnocchi with Bacon and Tomato.  Only thing I did differently was I added chicken broth and heavy cream to the tomatoes to make a tomato cream sauce. 


And then I froze the other half of the batch for later use!