In an attempt to be creative and save money, I have taken up “crafting.”

I was so excited when I found this tutorial for how to make your own tile coasters!  It is so easy, so fun, and the variations are endless.  I used scrapbook paper for these, but I think I may try photos next time.

DSC09650 DSC09717 DSC09721

Grand total for a set of 4:

Felt: $0.29
4 Tiles: $0.64
Paper: $0.59

Total: $1.52

Now, you will need to buy the Mod Podge at first, which is $7.99, but that will make you many, many, many sets of coasters.  The sponge brushes are also only $0.39 a piece.

These are a great addition to my coffee table, and they make great gifts!