Where do I even begin?
There are hardly words.

DSC09695 DSC09700

We had no idea what our lives were missing until this girl came along.
I love her personality.  So spunky and joyful.
I love her eyes.  They are her daddy’s, and they are magnificent.
I love how much she smiles, which is almost constantly.
I love how when I’m frustrated with her, I pick her up and she smiles and reaches out to touch my face, almost as if she’s saying, “Silly mommy…don’t be angry with me…see? I’m adorable.”
I love her laugh.
I love how she will spend hours (literally) entertaining herself by blowing raspberries.
I love how she teaches me about God in everything that she does.  Everything.
I love watching her learn new things, each and every day.
I love how much I love her, because I know it’s a love that God put there.  I never dreamed I could love such a little person so much.  I’m so glad God didn’t wait for me to decide that I was ready.  I don’t know if I ever would have decided I was.  And oh how much joy I’d be missing.

We love you girlie.  Can’t believe you’re already half a year old. 
Don’t grow up too fast. 
Happy half birthday.