Dearest Daddy,

For your birthday, I got you something special.

Just kidding.
Only Mom would try and pull that stunt.
I actually get real presents for you.
How? you ask

I sent mom on an errand for me with specific instructions.

Find the Fox in the Socks.
(I was expecting a real fox, in real socks.  But I suppose this will have to do.)


Because, you see, whatever I tell Mom to do, she does. DSC09357

I’ve been working on my penmanship for quite some time now, just so I could write your birthday card. DSC09358

I inspected every inch of this book, and have concluded that it is sound.
It even tastes great.



I really hope you like it… DSC09382

Because we all know…this was really one of those gifts that you buy for yourself under the guise of a gift for someone else.
Translation: it’s mine. DSC09387

Happy Birthday!!!!!!