We continued our PJ Christmas Day at my parents’ house in the afternoon.
Which included the Creme Crumb Cake that Andrew hid from us before we got there.  Only guilt led him to retrieve it from the pantry.  After we had been there for an hour.
But  I’m not bitter.

DSC09035 DSC09040

Don’t worry – that’s not a real dog.  (Much to Rosie’s chagrin, I am sure.)


DSC09046 DSC09049 DSC09052

Andrew got Jujy a Penn State dress, which she saw as perfectly fit to eat.


DSC09058 DSC09059

We got Dad a framed photo of Julia.
Mom found these cute little socks that look like Converse!


Our sleepy little Eagles fan

DSC09079 DSC09096 DSC09102

Some quality time with Ba.

DSC09120 DSC09126 DSC09130DSC09138 DSC09145 DSC09147 DSC09151 I got to end the day with snuggles from my little love.  One of the best things ever.