It’s been a fabulous Christmas.
We celebrated with our little family at home, then went over Mike’s family’s to open gifts, then over to my parents’ for the afternoon, and then back to the Smiths’ for dinner.
My toy this Christmas was a new lens for my camera!!  So there are tons of pictures.  This is part one.

DSC08843Christmas Eve!

DSC08861 DSC08945

A little bear butt.

DSC08864 DSC08869 DSC08876 DSC08880 DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08901 DSC08907

Both Alex and Mike got drills for Christmas.  (These doubled as presents for Michelle and I 😉 )


Ok.  This next part needs some explaining.  Basically, there is this morbid book that *somebody* (who shall remain nameless) wanted for Christmas.  Here is everyone with their favorite pages.

DSC08922DSC08900 DSC08906  DSC08915  DSC08923


DSC08930 DSC08931

Ok.  That’s done.  Back to the merriment. 

 DSC08917 DSC08932 DSC08942 DSC08944 DSC08953 DSC08973 DSC08960DSC08975  DSC08990 DSC09014DSC09006  DSC09021