This is the song I sing in my head whenever we decorate our tree.

And, actually, the song doesn’t just stay in my head.

Ask Mike.  Or Traci.

This song will betray you and make you look like an idiot.

But you’ll be a happy idiot.  Because it’s a happy song.  And it is clearly a very happy Christmas Tree.

Day 1 of our Advent Calendar was to decorate the tree.  So I strapped Julia in her Snuggli and we proceeded to retrieve and unpack all of the Christmas decorations.  Let me tell you – going up and down two flights of stairs with a baby strapped to you is good exercise.


I was going to try to string the lights by myself but then realized that it is not a one-person job.  At least not if the tree is in a corner.  So we waited for Daddy to get home so he could stand in the corner and bear the brunt of the pine needles 🙂

DSC08516DSC08526DSC08509 DSC08490
Mom, if you’re reading this, I know the garland is not strung properly.  Next time you’re over you can fix it. 🙂