The rules are as follows:

– For as many candies as one eats, the equivalent in Clementines must be eaten as well.

– No one may snatch out all the Mr. Goodbars to the exclusion of the other candies.  This is not fair to either the Kisses or the Butterfinger Bells.  Krackel doesn’t appreciate the neglect either. 

– These must not be gone by Friday.  This is non-negotiable.

– You may NOT throw a wrapper back in the jar after consuming it’s contents.  Coughmichaelcough.

– You may NOT feed the baby chocolate.

– You may NOT stash some under your pillow to ‘save for later.’  This is not the Hershey Hotel.

– The person to eat the last piece of candy must refill it. 

– And finally, drink lots of water (it will help disperse the sugar in your bloodstream after you’ve broken all these rules.)