Mike installed a lazy susan in my pantry, so I was able to move the rack that we’d been using as our “pantry” up to the third floor to house our college books, and voila!  just like that – I had a free wall! (wow- talk about a run-on sentence with free-spirit punctuations thrown in.  Good thing this isn’t a grammar blog.)

So I had to decide with all the empty space.
I made it into a planning wall.  An organization station, if you will.
Thank you, Target.
This wall houses:
– my recipes for the week
– the monthly calendar
– a place to stash receipts, coupons and circulars.
– my aprons
– coffee inspiration (to accomplish everything on my planning wall.)


Having all my recipes for the week out and pinned on the boards makes everything so much easier when I go to cook.  No more rummaging in the cabinets or under the coffee table or in the tote bag, or frantically searching the computer for where I saved a recipe.  I love it.

DSC07814 DSC07818

I am particularly excited about the bags.  Post-It makes these wall envelopes to hold receipts, papers, etc.  But they were $10 for 3 flimsy envelopes!  So I tried to find something else that would serve the same purpose at a better value.  The smaller bags were 49 cents, the bigger one 99 cents.
Much better than 10 bucks.


And, while I was at Target, I couldn’t resist this decal that I found for another lonely wall in the kitchen.DSC07760
I’m hoping it inspires me to do more baking.