Our dear friends Traci and Lucy came over last week to help us paint.

(we were petitioning Meghan and Chloe to stop over with some of their homemade pumpkin bread…but alas, C was napping…)

It took us all day to do one room, but that is because babies mean that projects (and just daily activities in general) take three times as long to do.

But that’s ok.  We love ‘em 😉

The sidekicks:

DSC07654 DSC07660 DSC07663 DSC07667

Taped and ready to go

DSC07669 DSC07670

What happens when Sidekick #1 gets into the paint…


She thought it was pretty darn funny, and gave a wave for the camera 🙂


And then Sidekick #2 had a meltdown for no particular reason…

DSC07681 DSC07685

BUT we were victorious!  Despite the challenges of painting with two children under the age of 16 months, we got it all done!!!

DSC07686 DSC07697 DSC07698 DSC07702

And best of all: it matches the knobs on my hutch 🙂


Now all I need to find is a big clock to go on the wall.
It is definitely more blue than I was expecting, but I like it. 

Only downside: now I feel like I have to paint the rest of the downstairs because it doesn’t look fresh.  Ugh. 🙂

Next project:
A planning wall in my kitchen (Mike installed shelving in our pantry so now I have a free wall where the baker’s rack used to be!!)