I am FINALLY getting around to re-doing my dining room.  I’ve only been talking about it for a YEAR.   (although I suppose having a baby in that year suffices as a legitimate excuse??)

I finally found curtains I like.  Now I’m on to picking paint.

I’m no Meghan Hayes, so I don’t always have a knack for picking the perfect color as soon as I lay eyes on it.  I usually agonize over the simplest decisions, and even then I’m not sure if I like it! 
So Mom and I embarked on a mission to pick out colors yesterday. 
It was the color-blind leading the blind. 
She and my dad recently moved, so they’ve been picking out colors for walls and floors and carpets for the past 3 months.  It was very kind of her to come and assist me when I’m sure the last thing in the world she wants to look at right now is another color swatch. 🙂

I’ve decided I want to go with a gray/blue color to match my dinnerware and the knobs on my hutch – plus it ties in with the kitchen and living room rather nicely.

But now to pick WHICH blue or gray I want.  Please just shoot me now.

In an attempt to appear like I know what I’m doing, I have taped them to the wall so I can get the “feel” of what they look like.  And there they will remain for the next few days.  Or weeks.  Depending on how life goes.


If you come into my house, you will be given a Sharpie and asked to vote on a swatch.  Sean & Mary were over last night, and the poor things – all I did was talk about blue and ask their input.  They’re probably thinking, “Just pick one already!” 🙂


The important thing to remember is to pick a COLOR not a name.
I’ve said it before, but I’m a sucker for picking a paint based on it’s name.
Silver Fox
Lighthouse Shadows
Moon Sail
Silver Dusk
Azure Snow


Because we all know that the first thing people will say when they walk in my house is, “Hey!  Is that Evening Eclipse I see on your walls??!”

Yeah.  No.  They’ll probably say “Why on earth did you pick PURPLE?”  (That’s not purple!  That’s Courtyard Shadow!!  Geez.)

With that being said, I’m leaning towards Autumn Fog.
And I promise it’s not just because of the name.  I actually have evaluated the color also.

More posts to come once I start painting.  Here I go again…starting a project that will probably be much more involved than I anticipated.  Cheers!