Our little girlie is 2 months old already!
I can’t believe it.  Time is flying by!!
She is also, currently, a hurricane.  How fitting.

My child is an amazon woman.  At two months, she is 25 and 1/2 inches and 12 pounds.  95th percentile, people.
BUT, she sleeps for 11 hours at night.  So I’m not complaining too loudly.

Here are some recent pics of my snuggle bug.

As you can see, she is getting very good at tummy time.DSC06747

Love her little dimple. 

Perplexed.  She could be asking any number of questions.
Such as, Mom, why do you make me wear these silly headbands? (Answer: because you are bald.)
Mom, this dress may be cute, but it is too big for me…WHY did you put me in it?!  You’re such a vain mother. (Answer: because I didn’t realize it was 3-6 months when I bought it and I’m determined that you will wear it at least once before summer is over.  Even if it is a tent.)
Mom, which part of “i don’t want to nap!” do you not understand? (Answer: i don’t understand the “DON’T WANT” part.  Do you know what I would give for daily naps?)
Mom, why does Daddy grab me by my ankles and make me do back flips when you’re not watching? (that’s right, Michael…Julia is my SPY…)
The list just goes on and on…


My pretty Drama Queen (of Spits)


Her smiles just melt my heart like nothing else.DSC06768 DSC06791