So, we just had her 6 week checkup.
Here are the stats on our little chunker.

6 weeks
11 lb. 11 oz. (!!)
24 inches (she’s grown 2 and 1/2 inches in 6 weeks!!)
99th percentile in both height and weight!  At least she’s proportionate, right?

I told our pediatrician “she’s ginormous!”
He promptly stood up for my daughter and said “she is NOT! she is HEALTHY!”

This is definitely the Sharp side in her.  What could I expect with parents and brother and aunts and uncles who are all close to/over 6 feet tall?  Even our DOG was tall!  I’m the SHORT one in my family! 

But perhaps the Smith side will even her out.  The doc says he expects her to slow down around 8 months or so.

Funny story from this morning.
Mike (to Julia): look at your pointy chin!  the rest of your face is so round!  you definitely don’t get that chin from me!
Sarah (to Julia): ha.  it’s a good thing! it evens out your round face so you don’t look like Bob the Tomato.
more silence…plus a glare from Michael…
Mike (to me)
: or like Baby MICHAEL…

Whoops 🙂

Here are some pics we took the other night.  Please notice the band-aid in the first one.  She had to get a shot at her checkup.  Only the first of many. 😦

DSC06589 DSC06606 DSC06591

Julia…the natural fencer…


She refuses to be swaddled with her arms down.  And I mean it.  I will give you a hundred bucks if you can swaddle this child with arms down for more than 2 minutes.  She always wriggles them out.


Our drooling bundle of joy 🙂