There are not too many exciting things to report.
Mostly this is because our regular lives are so busy and exciting, we’re quite content to relax and do NOTHING on our vacation 🙂
Yesterday we went to the beach, got sent home by the rain around 1:30, then headed to Rehoboth for dinner later that evening.  We always hit up Nicola’s when we’re here.  My parents spent their summers in Rehoboth growing up (Mom waitressed there, Dad lifeguarded and often ate there), and it’s become a family favorite.  If you go, you simply must get a Nicaboli.  You must.  It is non-negotiable.

Today, it rained all day.  Which means we went shopping at the outlets :) 
And now Mike is reading Alice in Wonderland to me while Juju sleeps. 
Later on, we will watch Psych.  Everyone is very excited about this.
And tomorrow morning, we are trying to convince Dad to take us all out to breakfast. 

Here is little miss Julia getting some tummy-time.  As you can see, she thinks it’s a very grand activity. 😉

Grandpa and Julia get along very well.  He babysat while we went to the outlets today.

Me and my handsome man.DSC06521 DSC06526

Uncle Andrew and Julia-Bear.  He really is so great with her…ladies 😉 (yes, that last part was a Demitri Martin joke.)  But no, in all seriousness, Julia couldn’t ask for a better uncle!

Family picture on the boardwalk.  Where we got Kohr Bros. custard.  I’d only been craving this stuff since back in DECEMBER when I was newly pregnant…it took me 8 months to finally get some!  We also stopped by Annie’s Bananies – a cute little shop where their specialty is pureed frozen bananas, and i’m not even kidding, it tastes just like ice cream.  And it’s just frozen bananas!  That’s it.  You can add toppings of all kinds (healthy or unhealthy), and it’s simply delicious.DSC06533

Here is our little Pea in the Pod – all snuggled up in my Petunia sling that Meg got me.  We had forgotten the stroller, and this worked perfectly for our slumbering darling.
DSC06536 DSC06538

Tomorrow: more beach.  And more relaxing and doing NOTHING!  It truly is a fabulous vacation.