Just in time for vacation, little girl has decided she likes to sleep all night.  We’re at 5 nights and counting!  11-7 has been the norm!  And, naps are going much better, with little to no crying.  She’s getting the hang of this schedule, and she’s much more content (as are we!) :)  God has been sooooo kind.

In addition to sleeping at night, Mike and I have actually been able to spend our days at the beach thanks to the tent the Healeys lent us.  Let me just tell you, we will be buying one of these ASAP.  Baby girl naps so well in it, and between the umbrella and the cool ocean breeze, we all are quite happy.  And I have a tan to prove it! 🙂

We’ve had a great time just relaxing and unwinding.  Lots of laughs, lots of memories, lots of fun. 

We call this pose “The Jooj.”  (Sorry, Meagan, I know that’s your nickname for her.)  It’s one of her trademarks.  Hands in fists, one held out like a power ranger, the other bent at a right angle behind her head.  (Though this is not the best example of it.)  My goal by the end of the week is to get several people lined up with Julia and take an aerial shot of everyone doing The Jooj.

And then there was the beach.  It was the perfect beach day. 
DSC06392 DSC06399 DSC06404 DSC06412 DSC06415 DSC06435

And this is where I should probably warn you that there are many more pictures of Julia than anyone else.  I only semi-apologize for this.

Also, a disclaimer for all you people out there who will inevitably point out that sun and babies don’t mix – Julia was out from under her tent and umbrella for literally two minutes.  Simply for holding privileges and photo-shoot purposes.  So have no fear – this child was well shaded from the sun 😉


Time with Grandpa.  So sweet.


I can’t get enough of this girl 🙂


I don’t know what this game is called…but the boys had fun.DSC06489 DSC06476

And when she was out of her tent, she was covered in hat and blankets…this is for you, Ba! 😉

DSC06485 DSC06491

This boy could use a haircut, no?
DSC06492 DSC06493 DSC06496

And, last but not least, today was Mom’s birthday!  Dad made a great breakfast this morning, and for dinner he and Mike cooked homemade crab cakes, green beans, sweet potatoes, and bread.  It was fantastic!!
This here was Mike’s gift to her: a Fractured Prune Donut.  She was very excited about it.

 DSC06500 DSC06504

Not to be outdone, Dad insisted we take a picture with the actual CAKE that we got her, because he didn’t want the pictures to suggest he was cheap.  

DSC06506 DSC06509

We told favorite stories about Mom and our old house, and by far my favorite is still the story that ended with Dad demanding that Mom get a cell phone.  She and Rosie went to the mall and were supposed to be home by 6.  By 9 o’clock, when Andrew and I got home from work, Mom was not home and we found Dad sitting in the living room staring out the window, clearly distraught.  There was a bad storm going on outside, Mom was 3 hours late, and he had no way to call her because she (at the time) resisted joining the 21st century and getting a cell phone.  So, Dad did what only Dad would do.  He called the cops.  He called all the hospitals in the area.  He called Mark Prater and several other friends.  And we just sat there, not really sure what to say or do.  Then, about 9:30pm, Mom’s van drove up the driveway.  Dad ran to the garage to meet her, and she came waltzing in laden down with shopping bags, cheery as could be.  Meanwhile Dad’s crying and hugging her, all the while she’s standing there with all her bags, quite bewildered.  She had lost track of time.  Shopping.  And to this day, she maintains that she was not at fault, and that Dad was simply being dramatic.  He, of course, still disagrees. 
Needless to say, after that, Mom got a cell phone.

So happy to be here on vacation, relaxing, sharing old memories, and making new ones.  Looking forward to the rest of the week!