Today is July 1st.  This means:

– Today was Shannon’s guess as to when Julia would arrive.  It is currently 8:42 PM, and we have no baby yet.  Sorry Shan.  You lose.  I may be weeping more than you are.

– I am now 9 days away from my due date. 

– It is officially the weekend.  Mike is taking off tomorrow and has off Monday, so we are going to enjoy our nice long weekend.  I am taking him to Ridley Creek with me tomorrow morning at 7:30AM for a nice 4 mile walk.  Is it bribery to promise Starbucks so that someone will walk with you?  If so, then I often bribe myself.

– I made this for dinner tonight, and I absolutely loved it.  Mike liked it too, though he couldn’t resist suggesting that “you know what would make this even better?  CHICKEN!”  I try, oh how I try. 🙂
The only variations I made: I used whole wheat pasta, Parmigiana cheese instead of Pecorino, spinach instead of arugula, and a Sauvignon Blanc instead of dry white wine.  I realize that’s 4 variations and I prefaced them with the word “only.”  Sorry.  But definitely try it!  Super delicious. 



– July 4th is in 3 days, and we have no plans.  Mostly because we are so busy waiting for Julia that we forgot to make plans.  If you feel like befriending us, let us know.

– Traci and I decided to throw a homemade ice cream party.  Really, it was Traci’s idea, I just jumped on for the ride.  Because I like ice cream.  And pools.  Which is where we decided to host said party.  I was going to test out a Mint Chocolate Chip recipe tonight, but I forgot to put my ice cream freezer bowl in the freezer, and it takes 6-22 hours to freeze before you can use it.  So I think I will be making it tomorrow instead.

– My tower fan is looking rather sad ever since I knocked it over the other day.  It has convulsions.  It kinda breaks my heart.

– I went on my 4th walk of the week today.  That makes 12 miles for the week so far, and I plan to add another 4 tomorrow.  Mom came with me today, and it was very pleasant indeed.

-  I watched Wives & Daughters and loved it.  It was strange, though, because I knew I had seen it before but couldn’t remember where.  I had absolutely no recollection of having watched it, yet I knew the story.  And that’s when it hit me.  I believe I watched it when I was on drugs.  After my sinus surgery three years ago.  So I texted my mom to get clarification on this, and she indeed confirmed that this was the case with the following, succinct answer: “Yes.  I do remember that fine season of your life.”  Very fine indeed.  So fine, in fact, that I have no recollection of it. :)  It seems I may have watched several movies with several friends during that time; sorry if that memory escapes me.

– And, last but not least, today I have given up all efforts to try and make this baby come early.  They are not working.  And red raspberry leaf tea tastes horrible. (Sorry, Margie!)  So, I surrender.  I will, however, keep walking for exercise’s sake.  But no more shenanigans.  I have resigned myself to praying this baby out.  Feel free to offer up similar such prayers on my behalf.

So, that about sums it up.  Sorry for the ramblings.  But, well, I had to tell SOMEONE about my life these days – it may as well be you, dear reader.  (I stole that phrase, “dear reader,” from my sister Meagan.  But take comfort, Megs, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!)

Hopefully my next post will be introducing Baby.  Until then, enjoy July!  And don’t forget to invite us over if you have extra spaces at your crazy 4th of July parties!

Here’s to July 2nd…may it be more promising than July 1st…

And yes…this post has had about as many endings as the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King movie…