We’re getting there!  Little girlie’s room is coming along quite nicely.  It is no longer a storage closet :) 
Over the weekend, Mike assembled the crib.  It was a gift from our parents, and I absolutely LOVE it. 


And then today I went out to Target and found some Wall A Peel 😉
They look rather red in the picture, but they are actually pink and brown.  Also, they look less crooked in person 😉


We were given this changing table by the Johannesens, and I painted it with a fresh coat of white and it’s as good as new!  So grateful for it!


And last but not least, because I could not resist, this here is what we call a Lovey.  I have two of the same exact ones in case we should lose one.  I do not plan on losing sleep over someone who is losing sleep over a lost Lovey. 


Up next: the dresser.  No, I haven’t painted it yet.  Even though I said I was going to weeks ago.  Soon. 🙂