Things I’m loving about being home?  Let me tell you just a few.

1) Sleeping in past 6:30

2) Actually being able to enjoy living in my house (mostly because I now have time to clean it.)

3) Cooking and baking, such as these Oatmeal Scones


4) Playing FreeCell and Spider Solitaire (yes, I’m currently addicted)

5) READING!!  I now have much more time to do this, and I am absolutely loving it.  I mentioned here that Mike and I want to read To Kill a Mockingbird this summer.  So I went on Amazon and picked out the prettiest copy.  The pages are all antiquish looking, which Mike doesn’t quite get, but I love it!  Can’t wait to dive in.


6) Pedicures with Mom 🙂

7) Going swimming at whatever time of day I like (as opposed to early morning or evening).

8) Gardening (I am not as committed yet as I need to be, but I think I will get there.)

9) Strawberry Picking (this is an upcoming event)

10) Getting ready for JuJu Bug.  I simply cannot wait to meet her!  Partly because I would like to breathe again, partly because I am just so excited to see, hold and love our little girlie!  3 weeks til full term, 6 til due date!  I really hope they fly by…