I am officially done work.  And to celebrate, I got sick!  I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten sick more times during the past 8 months than in the past 8 years.  Gotta love the pregnancy immune system :) 
Anyways, during my energy spurts, I’ve started tackling Julia’s room.  When we moved in we treated this bedroom as a glorified closet.  Translation: the dumping grounds.  Not sure where to put something?  Just stuff it in that bedroom!
At least now I’ve gotten most of our stuff out and filled it with her belongings.  I had a lovely baby shower this past Saturday, and it’s fun to set everything up!  I can’t tell you how blessed we were/are!

The colors?
Avocado/Cucumber greens
Pale and rosy pinks
Espresso brown

Sorry.  No description for white.  Simply white.

These curtains I got at Pottery Barn Outlet – LOVE them!  Working on getting the panel for the other window up…

DSC05774  DSC05785 DSC05787 DSC05791

The rocking chair – $20 at a yard sale!  and it’s solid wood!  Now I just need to get some fun/comfy cushions for it.

Aaaand the rest of the room is not on display yet.  That’s because it’s not finished ha. 

My next project: paint Juju’s dresser.  I’m hoping to get to that on Thursday and Friday. 

Can’t wait to meet our little girlie!