I’m going to be brutally honest.  It was not health-food-night at the Smiths’.

DSC05674 DSC05678

 Sweet & Sour Chicken               Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

I blame Traci.  She’s the one who showed me these recipes.  Ok, to be fair, I saw the pudding cake on my own, but she tempted me by posting it on her blog a while back.

I’m literally shaking from all the sugar coursing through my veins right now.  And JuJu doesn’t know what hit her.  But it was oh so good.

Fortunately, both Mike and I worked out today.
Unfortunately, we obliterated those workouts with this meal.
Fortunately, we don’t eat like this every night.
”Unfortunately”, we have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow night.   
Fortunately, when you’re pregnant, your stomach is already sticking out so it doesn’t matter how much you ate at dinner – no one can distinguish baby from cake. 
Unfortunately, tomorrow is weigh-in-day.  (Dr’s appointment.)
Fortunately, we will be working out in the morning.  Again.  And just like that we’ve come full circle.